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ASUS TUF gaming line has always been a great name for entry-level gamers. The line-up offers a pretty solid deal at a reasonable price.

You might have been using the older version of the ASUS TUF FX505DT, but now the refreshed version is going to blow you away with its performance and new graphics card addition.

It is no doubt an affordable unit, the reason behind the price lowering down is its shift from Intel core i5 processor to Ryzen 5 R5-3550H processor. The up-gradation also helped it house one notch higher NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card.

The combo of Ryzen 5 R5-3550H processor and GTX 1650 is considered a gold-standard for gaming, and entry-level gamers love to play the latest games with such a powerful gaming system onboard.

So, in this post, we are going to have an insightful review of ASUS TUF FX505DT gaming laptop, and explore its different section and behold what makes this cheap gaming laptop stands out.

The budget gaming laptop gets a lot of things right, offers 1080P gaming experience, better-refreshed rates and much more. Without further ado let’s get started.

Acer Nitro 5 Hardware Specifications 
Screen Size 15.6 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Processor 3.7 GHz AMD R Series
Hard Drive 256 GB Flash Memory Solid State
Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Chipset Brand NVIDIA
Card Description Dedicated
Graphics Card Ram Size 4GB
Wireless Type 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 2

Design & Construction

The ASUS gaming brand has always been conscious of how their laptops look. That’s why; their products are never too out there with fancy looking, nor too shy to show off their beauty. It boasts a clean, fine and familiar design that will surely go to catch your eyeballs.

The outer lid shares a nice matte black finish with the ASUS logo in the golden-yellow accent. This time, ASUS comes up with a different emblem shade, put off the red accent logo and carved a golden-yellow logo that looks better than before.

The entire outer chassis of the gaming laptop does not come up with any lighting. That’s really something that RGB lovers would not like, but it makes the whole look neat and nicer and makes it suitable for not for gaming but casual computing and office use. You can take the gaming machine onboard without shying out in meetings and official works.

The lid opens with a tiny force; a 15.6 inches Full HD display would be on the face of you. The laptop has minimal bezels on the sides; yes huge bezels on the bottom with carved ASUS emblem.

The opening of the lid will put lots of different lights on your face, thanks to its RGB lighting keyboard. The keyboard looks great; you will have a comfortable and clean typing experience.

Yes, you would not make a difference from other ASUS keyboards, it also comes with a transparent WASD key for easier access from the rest of the keys.

The gaming laptop, in a nutshell, shares a robust and sturdy construction along with pretty catchy design. It conforms to the US military-grade test and handles drops, high-temperature, humidity, and roughness.

It works flawlessly, good gripping and you would not have to worry about accident slipping at all.


The ASUS TUF refreshed gaming laptop boasts a 15.6 inches IPS display and supports refresh rates of 120 Hz. The enhanced refresh rates support with IPS panels onboard aids everything on the screen looks more natural, fluid and true to life.

Watching high definition movies, playing games, animations would look nice and you would not face any lagging, freezing or rendering issue at all.

The anti-glare coating makes the gaming laptop useful even outdoor. The display is pretty bright and can go dim as well if you want it so. The display would not wash out even when the direct sunlight alls, and you can also use it a late-night without putting your eyes into harm.

The viewing angles are pretty awesome, but I do not think you would love to watch a movie from the sides. The color production is great; you would not see it skipping out any color due to the bright panels.

Overall, the display is great; you can count it on for playing high-ended games and high-definition video watching. The display might not be able to separate the color shades at best, but it stands out overall.

Processor, RAM & Storage

The ASUS entry-level gaming laptop is powered with Quad-core AMD Ryzen 5 r5-3550h Processor. The processor is considered best grab for gamers, as it helps in visual processing and makes your gaming experience seamless without any hiccup.

The processor combined with the GTX 1650 is considered a gold standard for power gaming. If you compare the processor, the benchmark scores support that the processor is a direct competitor to Intel’s Core i5-8300 hexacore CPU.

With the power gaming device onboard, you can outshoot, outrun and outplay your rivals easily. Here, where the moments of reaction matters, a minor glitch can shove you aside from the competitive gaming.

The gaming beast comes with an 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD storage. Both the memory options are considered standard, you would not feel left behind at all.

All these components make it an ideal grab for overall productivity and performance. The powerhouse gaming system will let you open as many as dozens of taps on Chrome, stream live YouTube videos and maybe few spreadsheets opened.

If you want to enhance its multi-tasking, you can have the memory option extended using the extra slot. The slot will let you enhance the RAM up to 64GB.

Gaming & Graphics

The gaming powerhouse integrates a GTX 1650 GPU with 4GB dedicated memory. The gaming laptop stands out in gaming performance and lets you roll hands onto modern titles at 1080P at medium to high settings.

The GPU has considered the low-end version of the NVidia latest released gaming GPU, now the RTX 20 series graphics card is blowing the gaming world and not getting slow as the time of writing this post.

Still, at the $700 price considered, the gaming laptop exceeds your expectation and lets you play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at around 60 frames per second. The display supports around 120 frames per second, but you will start facing pixel lose issues as you move towards an upward trajectory.

Keyboard and touchpad

The laptop comes powered with RGB backlighting. The option is really helpful for avid and casual gamers, as it will let you engage in gaming in a low light environment.

The chiclet feedback keyboard lets you type at a good speed with good key spring back. The keys are well-spaced, and you would not feel exhausted after typing continuously.

The WASD keys are thicker than normal keys for better visibility, the spacebar is little outward to render more space for your left thumb.

The touchpad is not on par with the keyboard performance, it is small and plain, a typical cheap gaming laptop trackpad. But, in gaming, you would rarely use the trackpad and tether mouse to engage in gaming.

Ports & Connections

In terms of ports and connection, the gaming laptop comes with all ports what a casual gamer would require. It comes with 3 USB 3 ports, 1 USB 2 port, an HDMI 2.0 port, an RF-45 Ethernet port and one 3.5 mm headphone jack and mic combo.

This is a good range of port selection, and you would have any external device connected to it without any worry. But, the absence of USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 port is really missed and make it slightly less future proof, but at the price mentioned, you cannot buy better than this.


Yes, while gaming, gamers love to wear headphones on. And you might be considered the feature useless as you would wear the headphones at any cost. But, that’s not what we are going to mention.

Watching movies, listening to the songs, and catching live streams on YouTube sometime without headphones can be dis-heartening experience if the audio is not good.

The laptop comes with a clearer and decent audio that would not distort at maximum volumes. The base is not that great, the overall audio quality is on par and you will have a seamless experience without any hiccup.

Battery life

The gaming laptop is incorporated with the same 3-cell 48Whr battery as its predecessor. The battery runtime is pretty awesome and you can easily have 4 to 5 hours of runtime on regular usage. The range of battery runtime is pretty good and makes it a hands-down option for a gaming laptop.

In extended gaming hours, the battery may drain faster due to boosted consumption. In regular usage, like editing, typing, browsing and watching movies with headphones on, the battery runtime may exceed this number and touch 6-hours.

Guru’s Verdict

All things considered the gaming laptop really a good replica of your money. It brings quite a good range of specs onboard, impressive performance, sturdily built and extra-ordinary keyboard.

The Ryzen processor combined with the 1650 GPU is awesome, the keyboard is pretty seamless, the design is subtle and built is solid.

Ports selection is above average and could have been improved, audio is clear and would not distort at higher volume, these all things sum up and make the gaming laptop a worth purchasing at the price mentioned.

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