Best FPS Mouse You Should Try in (2019)

Do you really love playing FPS (First person shooter) games? The one thing you needed the most along with the sheer amount of skills and talent to play these games, an FPS mouse.

I would say every genre of video games benefited the most with specialized gaming mice. You know better that FPS games heavily depend on the time you spent on reaction and how good your aim is. If your mouse with a tiny movement does not run around the screen you consider changing it with the mentioned FPS gaming mice.

Having a quick, responsive and precise gaming mouse improves your performance rapidly and you gain more experience with it.

Today’s era’s games are more focused on speed and accuracy. Especially you might have been playing Fortnite game where not only having a good quality performance mouse is important but comfortable and smart.

Today we are going to discuss the top ten best fps gaming mice and will shed light on how these mentioned gaming mice can help you to stand out in the massive crowd. If you have just rolled your hands on the video games, and have no experience regarding gaming mice, no need to worry, we will elaborate on each and everything as per a novice standard.

Do you really need an FPS gaming mouse?

First of all, if you are a casual gamer, and does not spend much of your time playing latest AAA series video games, then you probably should not waste your time reading this.

For the pro gamers or regular gamers, the FPS mice have much importance. And yes, for the normal day-to-day task you probably not required to purchase an FPS gaming mouse.

And you should not consider spending your hard-earned money on stuff which adds no value to your life. You can have good experience of your tasks with the normal mouse what you had been using before.

Comparison Table 


1. Logitech G502

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Review

Logitech G502 is one of the most used and best eSport gaming mouse around the world. G502 is extremely accurate and excels in every aspect of a gaming mouse.

This gaming mouse has 12000 DPI and you can adjust the DPI to five different levels. This mouse is an official replacement of the top-selling gaming mouse 502 Proteus Core which was favored by the right-handers and claw gripper.

The design of this mouse could be said a low profile, still excels in every department of gaming mice. It more looks like its elder brother and still catered the needs of claw gripper and right-handers as I mentioned above.

This gaming mouse is extremely customizable in every department. You can lower its weight; can adjust the settings as per your usage. You can set five different levels of DPI as per your using and can tune using the simple buttons.

You can simply put your most needed commands close to your hands using the 11 customizable buttons.

This is one of our top choices, and we back this mouse more than the other mentioned. For the claw-gripper and right-handers, this mouse should be one stop shop as it has all of the FPS gaming features what one could desire.

It is very easy to customize and program even, user-friendly design, and even can set the colors as per your desire for the lighting conditions.

You can easily remove the extra weight up to five what comes within the package. So, you can have the weight of the mouse as per your desire; can customize it to a heavy or light gaming mouse.

  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Five different DIP settings
  • RGB LED color configuration
  • Fully customizable weight
  • Steller performance
  • Customize your most used commands near to your hands
  • Right-handers only

2. Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review

This is superb offering from the razer, the best mouse for shooters with super comfortable controls and perfect fitting. The black matte finish helps it not to become greasy or slippery.

Razer DeathAdder Elite has been in the gaming mouse world for a fairly long time now, and it has offered splendid performance in this gaming market. And when it has been equipped with RGP lighting, the gamers are more prone to spend the money on this product.

This has been the best-selling game mice in the world, the users tend to buy this product, again and again, owing to its splendid designs and easy to use configuration.

This gaming mouse has to offer up to 16000 DPI, a really high standard. Frankly, the users genuinely use much lower DPI than this.

The product has been manufactured by a really established brand, and for the people who have bigger hands find this mouse especially attractive.

This mouse has two buttons which can be nicely placed by your thumb while fasting accessing. You can use two different DPI and has a switch to switch from one DPI mode to the other. This mouse is not blended with lots of different buttons and has a very simple button environment. It can be used for office work.

This gaming mouse has 450 IPS and 99.4 percent resolution accuracy, meaning you will get your enemy down and would not be held back while trying to aim the difficult shots.

This razer mouse has offer seven different customizable buttons, and you can even customize the lights of this. DeathAdder Elite glides smoothly despite the surface you use, with zero hang-ups. This mouse is rated around 50 million lifespan clicks.

  • Superb cutting edge design
  • Immensely accurate
  • Grips on the scroll
  • Could be used on the desk for normal using
  • For big hands
  • Offers not too many functions


BenQ ZOWIE FK2 E-Sports Review

One of the ideal accurate gaming mice for right-handed and left-handed people, simple in design, the compact in size and sleek in its look, this is how you can describe BenQ ZOWIE FK2 one of the ideal mice for pro gamers.

Simplicity is the one word, you can describe this mouse. This has been designed in a way that you would not be needed any extra special drivers to install to run this mouse.

It has 3200 DPI, and one can shift between 400,800 and 1600 gears with a simple push button. You might say it a low DPI centric a mouse, and you consider at low performing mouse. A 3200 DPI is more than what most of the pro gamers use. The rest remain untouched and use the CPU performance of your computer. If you come to the ease to use the mouse, I can say this has swept others from the root. Though, owing to its simplicity and clean designs, other features have been left, you cannot have all bells and whistles.

This mouse has precision with 1:1 movement, adjustable report rate which you can change between 125, 500 and 1000 GHz. BenQ ZOWIE FK2 has been developed having claw grip usage I mind and offers optical performance for larger and smaller hand people equally.

  • Amazingly accurate
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Clean, sleek and simple design
  • Sensors works on all types of surfaces
  • Ideal for larger and smaller hands equally
  • Limited buttons layout
  • You take time to get used to it

4. Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro Wirless Gaming Mouse ReviewWithout a single shadow of a doubt, Logitech G Pro is one of the tops seeking gaming mouse among the eSport athletes. This mouse was designed after a brief correlation with several top professional gamers around the globe and maybe this was the reason uplifting this brand over the roof.

I can simply say it one of the well-optimized and best wireless fps mouse you can ever grab for your pro gaming needs.

If you had been using cheaper version G203, you might find Logitech G Pro identical in looks. It is a charismatic blend of Logitech Technology and beautiful design to produce smoothest gaming experience in the market.

This Logitech mouse is powered with the cutting edge hero sensor technology. You can have around 1-2K DPI or the powerful 16K DPI, using the hero sensor technology.

Above all, this product has a metal spring button to produce reliable clicks performance with overall precision and eliminating misclicks.

Lightweight has been a major aspect in making an FPS gaming mouse the popular product. As lightweights make the speed and precision better and one can handle a lightweight mouse more easily. Thus, Logitech G Pro has been instilled with light weights and an ideal grab for those who are looking for pure performance and good looks.

The affiliation of producing and developing this powerful gaming mouse with the pro gamers have helped this brand to gain some more weight.

This I would say, perhaps the best gaming mice for claw grippers, which is I presume the most popular grips in the eSport world.

Logitech G Pro helps you to sum up with the Logitech software and synchronize all the Logitech products to get a superb working pro gamer gaming mouse.

This comes with six programmable buttons, what you can customize as per your choice, needs, and experience. This even has customizable LED color, with zero filtering and superbly smooth acceleration to aim the fastest shot you ever have produced.

  • Immensely great pixel perfect accuracy
  • Ideal for the claw grippers
  • Can be used casually
  • Might be some larger hands find it small

5. SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse Review

If you are a pro gamer then you might have been using the mice of this brand, SteelSeries. SteelSeries Sensei 310 is one of the overlooked brands when it come the gaming mice world. This is very unfortunate as this brand has worked really hard to earn its place in the market and still they are being treated like a novice.

With SteelSeries Sensei 310 the brand has done a fantastic job, either it is the look of the product, overall quality or the capabilities, this fulfills all the criteria of good gaming mice.

This mouse is Ambidextrous, perfect for the left-handed and right-handed people. On both sides of the mouse, this has a pair of the thumb button.

In the center, right behind the scroll wheel, there is a DPI adjuster, ideal location to be reached immediately for Ambidextrous.

This gaming mouse comes with a total of 8 programmable buttons, which one can customize as per the requirements, needs and personal preferences.

Inside SteelSeries Sensei 310 there is a TrueMove3 optical sensor, which offers one to one tracking at 350 IPS. It is an estimate that this product brings forth at least 50 million clicks in lifespan.

This product is powered with the silicon grip for extra comfort and avoid slippery surface. The comforts delivered by the brand is really appreciable, though overall this brand is considered a low profile when it compares to its counter brand Rival.

This product produces up to 12000 DPI, in the shape what delivers the maximum heights of comfort and flexibility during the extended gaming hours.

  • RGP Lighting
  • Clean and  simple look
  • Perfect for both left-handed and right-handed people
  • The mouse is little wider for the small hands

6. BenQ Zowie EC2-A/EC1-A

BenQ Zowie EC2-A E-Sports Mouse

One of the most demanded FPS shooting gaming mice is BenQ Zowie EC2-A/EC1-A. For those who have been playing CS: GO would attest that this most perform seamlessly in CS: GO scenes.

Zowie gaming mouse has much more to offer than mentioned. This has an inch-perfect sensor, outstanding designs, and awesome lift-off distance.

The difference betweenEC2-A/EC1-A is not much. ECA2-A is slightly smaller in width and length compared to ECA1-A. So, for smaller and larger hands, you can grab as per your requirements.

Though, some of the premium and additional features are missing from the series, like RGB colors, snipe buttons which could make you feel annoyed with this series. But, I would say, this is the positive side of the BenQ Zowie series, as this completely focus on the performance and quality, which is the most demanded and sought aspect of gaming mice.

So, if you find features like lighting, software and snipe button more alluring, you should opt for the Razer series. And if you find that your main focus was a better gaming mouse you must grab this product.

This series has been on the top of the top gaming mice around the globe owing to its sleek designs and performance oriented features. The accurate perception and tracking, 3200 DPI, and preset DPI settings are some amazing aspects of this mouse.

You might read other brands offering up to 16000 DPI, guys this much of DPI is not required, and one cannot use this amount of DPI, so you should garner what is required.

In the end, if you see the design and quality of the series, it excels in both the departments. It produces over the roof performance and has been designed viewing gaming needs in minds.  One of the best professional gamer mouse you ever have seen.

  • Amazingly accurate and superb performance
  • Sensor works on all surface
  • Sleek and simple design
  • The absence of some additional or premium features such as RGB color.

7. SteelSeries Rival 600

Steelseries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse reviewDo you love precision or speed? I can guess your answer- it would be precision. You are definitely not the one standing in this row of opting precision over speed; most of the pro gamers love accuracy over speed. And when it comes to precision over speed, no one can beat this beast SteelSeries Rival 600.

You might have witnessed that pro gamers moving their arms quite excessively, to get a minimum movement of the cursor around the screen they use the whole of their hands. Did you ever wonder why they do this?

It is because they set their gaming DPI setting to the bare minimum to get max possible precision and full control.

This may be the reasons the top-selling gaming mice come with a relatively low to maximum DPI settings.

This brand SteelSeries Rival 600 does not only provides you with the maximum accuracy at low speed but one to one movement of the sensors. This function makes you get one-inch cursor movement with one-inch mouse movements. This function unfolds the precise movement of the cursor and makes you achieve max possible results.

You have seen the true movement sensors are not for everyone. There may be some brands what you could count on your fingertips over this aspect. If you are really looking for an all-rounder mouse with great function and optional features, opt with SteelSeries Rival 600.

You should definitely purchase this gaming mouse to improve your competitive FPS gaming performance.

Like most of the product from the same brand, this Rival 600 as well built with the signature Danish quality. This mouse is highly durable and can endure up to 60 million clicks in lifespan.

  • Highly durable piece
  • Epitome of precision
  • Amazing CPI capabilities and lift-off distance
  • This product misses the premium features

8. Corsair M65 PRO
CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB Review

For pro gamers, M65 gaming mouse would not be a new thing. They might have been using this revolutionary gaming mouse, largely applauded owing to its exclusive features. This, M65 pro from the Corsair is an improved version of the original.

This latest addition has been packed with the handy set of feature and offers a more rewarding gaming experience than the previous version of the same installment.

Let’s start from the ultra-sensitive 12000 DPI sensors which produce an amazing experience of precision and fastness. This mouse is a great combination of ultra-precision and highly effective tracking.

The design of this cheap gaming mouse is highly rugged yet lightweight. This has been crafted to cater to the needs of both larger and smaller hands, without any hiccup.

The customizable system of the weights has been adjusting in the center of the mouse in a way that with just one shift the center of gravity could change.

This mouse comes with several buttons, with a dedicated sniper button to get the extra advantage while playing the competitive games online.

Corsair M65 Pro gives you easy to handle switch option, on the fly DPI switching and lots of other customization options to place your favorite settings near your thumb to get them clicked when needed.

Corsair M65 Pro has RGB lighting to their heart, and the engineers have made the system in a way that their own macros programs could get installed easily.

You can customize the weight and overall balancing by using three different tuning zones. You can customize the experience of gaming entirely using the eight programmable buttons and can adjust the DPI as per requirements. It has four different USB response time, 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, and 1000 Hz.

  • Easily customizable buttons
  • 12000 DPI sensors
  • Adjustable center of gravity
  • Comfortable only for palm gripper
  • Button placement can make some issues sometimes

9. Logitech G403

Logitech G403 Prodigy Review

There is no doubt, the elder brother of the series has set the bar enough high to touch any of the product even from the same brand. Still, Logitech G403 has much more to offer a user and loaded with an abundance of options.

Either it is the number of thumb button on the side or the number of LED colors, this gaming mouse is more versatile than any other. After reaching this product, you would ask from yourself, do we really need another one.

This mouse has a comfortable grip, comfort, functional enough to cope with higher gaming needs for PC gamers. I personally felt inclined towards the wireless gaming mouse G403.

This is an extremely right-handed mouse; the design seems more identical to the DeathAdder. You might face some issue while using it in beginning, once you get used to it you will have a wonderful experience of playing loads of FPS games using it.

Logitech G303 runs Logitech gaming software, and you know the software better than anyone if you have been using it.

Using the software the user can alter the DPI from 200 to 12000, program buttons, link individual profile and even change the illumination color.

This product is a full RGB mouse and can be sync even with the Logitech products.

The performance is beyond the approach, you need to roll the hands over this gaming mouse and explore different game such as Overwatch, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Marvel heroes to check the functionality at its core.

You will have a smooth performance overall, the programmable buttons can make you quickly commanding the armies.

  • Comfortable design with immersive quality
  • Great software experience
  • Derivative design
  • Thumb button just makes it not fall right on the criteria of a good gaming mice

10. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Review

Every second or third best gaming mice you would see is coming from Logitech. This brand has quite variant options with a fantastic performance in the back. This mouse as well has something unique to offer and target a varied range of pro gamers.

Logitech G402 500 IPS max, if you do not know this gaming mice specification, this is the most desired and wished gaming mice aspect.

Though, the users have some complaints due to its lightweight. As per their reviews, the light weightiness of this product halts the speed.

It has great ergonomics, with curvy shape, it feels like that this has made after taking measurements of your personal hand. It falls fine in fitting hands with every size without any issue.

You might aware of the fact that Logitech has something unique, which is its fantastic palm grips, and Logitech G402 is no exception to it. Though, the elder brother has raised the bar much high, difficult to cross that. Still, this G402 is a lot better than the hundreds of so-called cheap fps gaming mouse around.

This comes with a sniper button, the speed and acceleration are the must have a feature in any of the Logitech product; this as well has been adorned with this amazing feature.

I found these top shooting gaming mice heavily reliable while playing more realistic games such as Battlefield 4.

You might not find this beast perfect for high paced games such as CS-GO and Overwatch.

If you love installable software for your gaming desires, this will make you even happier. This comes with user-friendly software, which can make you get the dozens of suitable customization.

In a nutshell, this product from Logitech has value to the user’s money. I have not seen any negative review about a Logitech product, and this product as well has no exception to that. Though sniper button inclusion can make you excited, just alluding to this only feature and buying would not be a good idea, this does not perform what it sounds.

  • Superb overall performance
  • Clever binding of different buttons
  • A great value for the money indeed
  • Medicare mouse wheel
  • The sniper button does not function well
  • Too light to cope with the speed of the game

What Specifications should I look for in an fps mouse?

Without a good gaming mouse, you cannot enjoy the gaming experience from the core. You want to be perfectly aimed, you want to shoot your enemy at the perfect timing, and want to stand out.

For an fisrt person shooter gaming mouse, the precision and quickness matter a lot. Grip, price, illumination features are other important aspects to look into a good FPS mouse.

First of all, aside from the features and other stuff, you need to know how the mouse feels in your hand.

Regardless of the features, if a mouse does not fit right in your hand and you are not comfortable with the grip or thumb button, you will not be able to enjoy the game.

After grip and comfort, Precision comes next. In FPS games, it is the most critical thing that you could aim your target precisely and quickly even pick off foes reliability from several kilometers.

DPI (Dots per inches) is also an important aspect to look forward into gaming mice. It refers to the number of pixels screen cursor moves per inches of the movement of the mouse. So, the higher the screen size, the higher the DPI you will have to achieve. Those with higher screen resolution need higher DPI centered gaming mice.

I am not saying, the higher the better for DPI, but you it matters of matching the DPI to your screen resolution size. The sensitivity comes into the game when we talk about the DPI range. Though, it also belongs to the movement of the mouse to the movement of the cursor on the screen, but with a little difference. DPI refers to the mouse’s hardware, the sensitivity is a software adjusted settings. High sensitivity users, who prefer the tiny movement of the mousse covering the entire screen, prefers high DPI.

The weight of a mouse matters a lot in FPS gaming. You can have a huge impact of this only feature while playing your favorite title.

Nowadays mice are coming with the adjustable weights, which makes you to fine tune both the placement and extra material. You can have the product as per your requirement.

Difference b/w normal mouse and fps gaming mice

There is a difference between a normal mousse and an FPS gaming mouse. Though, for a normal user who uses to spend lots of time writing scripts, browsing and watching movies, it does not matter.

It is the use what makes a mouse different…!

Like, if you are playing an FPS game, where you are required higher sensitivity precision and cursor smoothness, enough to gauge the speed of the game, you are required a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse will have the capability, functionalities, and extra buttons to change the DPI settings. An average mouse will have the average cursor surface speed, less connectivity, and no customization.

Gaming mice will have super sensitivity; with a tiny movement of the mice you will cover the whole screen distance. It would be customizable; you could lower the weight as per your usage. It will have higher DPI and Hotkey.

Gaming mice will have more programmable buttons, and you would set the buttons as per your using.

Optical sensor vs Laser sensor 

A mouse is a translator between you and your computer. The mouse tells the computer to process the given commands and display as per the commands. You might have heard the technological difference between the mice. Like an optical sensor mouse or laser sensor mouse?

The difference between the both is not that much, both differences in the type of technology they use to track the movement of the mouse on the surface.

The optical mouse uses an LED light as a light source while the later use Laser for illumination. Both mice use CMOS sensors a little camera to make images of the surface the mice are moving on to determine the movement.

And when it comes to the features and capabilities both mice are offering there is a little difference. The laser mice can track more dots per inches thus has higher DPI, indirectly they are more sensitive. Though the difference between the DPI they produce is not much, and an average user would not be able to find any. Still, the professional gamers and graphic designer will perceive the difference.

An optical mouse has a resolution about 3000 DPI while laser mice have a resolution of 6000 DPI.

Is DPI Important in a Gaming Mouse?

In plain English, DPI directly measures the sensitivity of your mouse. The higher the mouse’s dpi, the faster the Custom moves your screen. A higher dpi centered mouse detects and implements even the tiniest movement on the surface.

For gamers higher dpi meant a lot. They normally use larger screen which needed higher dpi. Still, with the highest DPI settings, you face many issues. With just a tiny movement the cursor starts flying from one corner to the other and becomes uncontrollable.

But, in playing FPS shooting games, higher dpi settings can achieve you lot more. Like, if you are playing a first-person shooter game and want to kill your foes. With just a tiny movement can make you aim at your target and kill it, while the low dpi settings will waste your time from moving one corner to the other and aiming.

Will an FPS specific mouse really give an edge over my opponents when gaming?

First person shooting games are usually fast-paced. Either it is the CS: Go Overwatch, Call of duty or battlefield you have to meet the pace of the game to stand out.

As you always remain in the center of attention, and you prone to get hit by the enemies around, you need ultra-responsive, lightweight and durable gaming mice.

Yes, it creates a lot of difference. If you use an FPS gaming mouse while your opponent is using a normal use, definitely you will be faster than him.

Your aim rate will be higher to your opponent, owing to quick action and using better cutting edge technology. For example, if you both come face to face, your opponent using a normal mouse will surely spend more time than you aiming, while you with an FPS gaming mouse with a slight movement will aim at him and take him down.

How do you use your mouse? Claw Grip and Palm Grip or fingertip grip?

Its totally depends upon your personal preference. There are three main types of holding a mouse

  1. Claw grip
  2. Palm Grip
  3. Finger grip

While the most used mouse gripping position is Palm grip. This grip type takes up to 50 percent of the total market and it comes naturally to the gamers.

By using this way of gripping the mouse you hold your hand to be resting position on the mouse with the most contact point and support.

In claw grip, you place your whole hand onto the mice. It makes a claw like a shape to control the subject on the screen. This grip usually used for fast filling and controlling the subject moving forward on the screen. This way of gripping the mouse is less popular than Palm grip.

The Tip grip is used to move the subject on the screen fast. In this type of grip, you make a minimal contact between the hand and the mouse using the tip of the fingers.

So, it is totally upon you, what grip suits you the most.



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