Best Gaming Keypad – Top 10 Picks [2019]

Are you a gaming freak? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Because today we are going to show you the best gaming keypad list.

best gaming keypad

There are a variety of gaming keypads that are out there in the market

This is crazy: 

but one needs to be a bit of computer literate to buy the exact right thing in order to benefit from the product for a long time.

One of the most important things you need to understand while buying a gaming keypad is to be sure of the type of the system you are using it for

Want to know why?

because check the compatibility of the keypad with the system for better optimization of the product.

We have covered the area of research for you and have come up with some of the best gaming keypads that are available in the market and these keypads are able to work with any system with guaranteed high results. Following is the list of our best gaming keypads pick.

Logitech G13 –  Best Gaming Keypad with Analog Stick

  • Super Comfort and superior control
  • Excellent value
  • Multifunctional LCD display
  • Onboard memory
  • Naturally contoured design
  • Customizable backlighting
  • Not plug & play
  • joy stick module is difficult to click
logitech g13 review

Logitech G13 is the advanced version of gaming control device.

It consists of 22 multiple programmable keys used to perform multiple complex tasks and allowing you to perform more than 75 functions on more than 3 types of modes per key.

This allows using customize settings for each mode of game improving your gaming experience and your chances of winning.

With Logitech G13 gaming keypad, you have an experience never like before due to its contoured gameboard design compatible to the shape of your hand and fingers for increased comfort and for best-extended gaming sessions.

Key Features

  • It consists of 22 multiple programmable keys to perform more than 75 functions
  • it gives you a colorful experience
  • You can select from 16 million color combinations
  • It comes with a Backlit Gaming LCD
  • suitable for elite gamers for the best experience

It consists of a customizable mini joystick at accordance to your thumb placement providing you with more control in gaming with options to customize the roles via joystick into your gaming profiles.

Aside from programmable keys, it gives you colorful experience with customized color backlit keys for your WASD control and other important customize keys distinguishing it from other keys.

You can select from 16 million color combinations and assign a unique color to each profile and mode in the same game suitable for your gaming experience.

You can instantly know which mode you’re in based on customized controller color settings. It comes with a Backlit Gaming LCD allowing you to experience gaming stats to run in accordance with your performance providing system information, real-time gaming facts, communication data and timers critical for you.

logitech g13 programmable gameboard with lcd display

You can join community-developed applets or use your own. The screen matches with the color range of customized Backlit keys.

Windows® 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista® is required for its system. It contains 70 MB of total hard disk space with a USB port cable for connectivity with a 3-year hardware warranty. G-programming keys require Logitech gaming software to customize programmable settings.

It is suitable for elite gamers for the best experience by dealing with the most used controller keys of your own choice and removes the ideology of playing conventionally all the time.

The issues involve the setup of the game board which is not as same as to plug and play which is why it is only preferred to diehard gamers which are at ease in using this product.

As it provides options for customized settings, it is difficult and time taking for an average gamer to set up a whole new set of key settings for a different mode in the same game making it confusing or irrelevant to some extent.

But the option of saving your gaming profiles through onboard memory is a unique and helpful tool which helps to swap maps and profiles during gaming. It comes with an extra-long cable for ease and comfort for usage.

It is compact and weighs only 650 grams and is easy to handle. The storage of profiles can allow you to play with a different system with your own customized settings. It is definitely an awesome product with its exclusive design and a wide range of functions, it’s a good fit for diehard gaming fans.


Razer Tartarus Chroma – RGB Gaming Keypad with Joystick

  • Fully programmable keys
  • Useful for high-level MMO play
  • Easy to program
  • Decent button layout
  • Customizable lighting
  • Expensive for membrane keys
  • Steep learning curve
Razer Tartarus Chroma Review

An amazing product essential for the gaming experience providing you with an advanced level of control enhancing your gaming level.

Razer Tartarus Chroma expert RGB giving you infinite commands with endless possibilities.

It consists of 25 programmable keys which can be used for personal customized settings for a complete gaming feature.

People who bought this product are not only gamers but professionals from different technical backgrounds as its applications are unimaginable.

It can be used for mostly gaming but also used for video editing and other professional work requiring personal control which is suitable for its user. It consists of a thumb D-pad, which can be set at 8 different positions, allowing a person to adjust it as he/she pleases.

Key Features

  • consists of 25 programmable keys
  • also used for video editing
  • advanced ergonomics is its comfort and its exquisite design
  • provides Chroma lightening with 16.8 million color
  • extremely light weighted and compact
  • its software is very easy to use

Along with a mini-joystick, there are two more buttons up and down which can be customized and usually act as modifier keys used for going forward or backward from folders or swapping applications or something like that.

The main quality of this pc gaming keypad featuring advanced ergonomics is its comfort and its exquisite design which is comfortable to your hand due to bent angle and having a shape just like a hand allowing each key is easily accessible to your fingers and along with the movement by your thumb making it quite easy to control.

The panel shape is also adjusted just in accordance with your palm placement and adjustable wrist rest not letting your hand feel tired even after a long gaming session.

Apart from these, it provides Chroma lightening with 16.8 million color combinations to select customized colors for each of 25 programmable keys.

It is extremely light weighted and compact and its software is also easy to use, letting us customize keys with ease. You can save multiple profiles for different applications with multiple customized control keys for different gaming modes.

razer tartarus chroma expert rgb gaming keypad

It saves and syncs your profiles anywhere in the world through cloud system by which it is easily accessible. A single programmable key can be assigned multiple keys which should be pushed together. The freedom of customizing is what makes it more attractive towards people.

Coming to the problems faced by the users, one of it is its durability. As it is cheaper than other similar products, its quality of material and its usage is not up to the mark. Cheap price means a cheaper material which doubts its strength.

Other includes reliability of thumb pad which really concerns some of the users as providing 8 different positions for thumb pad because the simultaneous use of thumb pad with keys is not as productive in some cases.

But coming towards the level of comfort, and the price at which it is offered, it makes the best choice for a gamer to customize its use and enjoy gaming experience never like before.

Its price range is which makes it attractive and most users are satisfied with the stability and bent angle of keys panel perfect for accessing keys and its adjustable D-pad. This product will be a great asset for people for whom ordinary keyboard functions are not sufficient.


Razer Nostromo – Pc Gaming Keypad

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easily integrated
  • easy-to-reach buttons
  • Fully programmable
  • 20 profiles storage
  • Only lights up one color
razer nostromo review

A product of Razer Company which provides command and control in form of this product to the customers.

Razer Nostromo pc gaming keypad is in every way a product of comfort for users.

Its specifications include an advanced level of ergonomics optimization in this product allowing the user to enjoy gaming experience at its best.

It improves your key accuracy while letting you access critical gaming commands with ease.Its rubberized wrist rest pad reduces your hand fatigue during long gaming sessions allowing you to be at your full capability to show your gaming skills to the fullest.

It has 16 functional programmable keys combined with 8-way directional thumb pad movement and efficiently engineered design which provides an ergonomic factor for precision and maximized comfort.

Key Features

  • 16 functional programmable keys
  • Comes with an additional button for shifting between gaming profiles at an instant with a single touch
  • compatible with synapse 2.0
  • it has a weight of only 297 grams

Razer Nostromo consists of additional buttons for shifting between gaming profiles at an instant with a single touch. It comes with a fixed backlit lighting for programmable keys, usually blue, green or red.

It is a rather different product with less programmable keys but it fits into gaming atmosphere so well that more keys are not required. Apart from this, it has additional scroll button having 3 functions of scrolling up, down and pressing it.

The 8-directional thumb pad contains a button at its top right corner which can also be customized, but the problem which most users face is not having complete control over the joystick as it is nor curved but flat, but it has an option to detach the external part provided by the company and use it without it by simple buttons with ease.

The key panel is also not flat but adjusted for ease of the user to access all the programmable keys with efficiency increasing the performance of the user and enhancing its skills.

It is compatible with synapse 2.0, a software which includes features of saving your profiles online syncing it with cloud system allowing you to have unlimited gaming profiles.

razer nostromo pc gaming keypad

Talking about its compact size and shape, it has a weight of only 297 grams with very compact dimensions and its adjustable wrist rest makes it productive in the gaming environment.

There are many issues stated by the users about this pc gaming keypad, mainly its quality of material and durability, its fewer functions compared to other pc gaming keypads, useless adjustable feature of wrist rest, with uncomfortable use of thumb pad joystick and it is suitable for only some of the users due to its limited adjusting options in case of short or long hands.

It does not come with the option of customized backlit color option for each key but comes in one particular color. It contains fewer keys which means some users find it difficult to use as they don’t have enough keys to customize their settings which makes it useless.

Apart from the fact it has advanced level ergonomic features which just really does not count. It is a reasonable product with a reasonable product that gamers would prefer due to its comfortable design with cooler looking features.


Razer Orbweaver Chroma – Best Wireless Gaming Keypad

  • Impressive lighting
  • Programmable mechanical keys
  • Razer Synapse enabled
  • Adjustable modules
  • In-game configurator
  • Expensive as a full mechanical gaming keypad
razer orbweaver chroma review

A product launched by Razer Company provides a real comfort choice to the gamers for experiencing absolutely world-changing experience in their gaming life.

The Razer Orbweaver Chroma provides you control in the palm of your hand using it with their own comfort.

The user can get access to infinite commands and macros while enjoying same satisfying features as that of a mechanical full-sized keyboard.

The level of comfort is beyond other products in the market.It is specially designed to enhance your skills while enabling you to enjoy comfort and nonstop gaming experience.

The features which increase its demand are of 10 additional programmable keys and an advanced level of comfort design which can be adjusted just according to your style. The extra set of keys can be utilized as hotkeys and for improving skills.

Key Features

  • Provides you control in the palm of your hand
  • The level of comfort is beyond
  • 10 additional programmable keys
  • Wireless gaming keypad
  • Programmable backlit keys with a combination of 16.8 million color combinations
  • The touch-sensitive and responsive keys operate with a pleasant sound

This pc gaming keypad does not only let you customize your settings and key placement but let you custom your comfort level which makes it way cooler than any other product.

Multiple award-winning Razer ™ provides you a product which is irresistible with its additional features while including the features of previous products with 8 directional thumb pad but modifying it with a feature of adjusting it your will by sliding it to the extent you feel comfortable.

It is designed with perfection in keys panel adjustment and hand, thumb and palm rest adjustable modules which let you control gaming to the fullest.

It features individually programmable backlit keys with a combination of 16.8 million color combinations easily managed through Razer synapse which enables you to access preloaded color experience with different types of games which makes it enhance your gaming experience in a unique way.

The touch-sensitive and responsive keys operate with a pleasant sound if more than 50- gram pressure is applied. However, its use is totally dependent on the user preference.

razer orbweaver chroma elite rgb mechanical gaming keypad

It contains 8 different key settings which help you to shift onto gaming keypad easily as you can modify those default settings with your own personal need but it really saves time to specify functions to each key separately.

With Razer Synapse 2.0, you can access your customized controls and gaming profiles and much more at an instant. While the consumer claim to have issues with accessing the system compatible with this product.

Other negative aspects of this gaming keypad include overpriced, tapping sound issues and the worst cloud software which is mostly useless and highly unhelpful in response to saving or downloading gaming profiles.

The cloud software is the worst product which is associated with this wireless gaming keypad and it is impossible to download or save a gaming profile and only pre-installed functions will work properly. This makes it not preferable for its users despite its numerous features and additional keys. Improving these flaws could make it the best choice for gaming.


ACEPHA T9 Pro – Best Gaming keyboard for DOTA 2

  • Adjustable LED backlight
  • Programmable keys
  • A comfortable design
  • Highly compatible
  • Keys are not comfortable
  • Does comes with analog stick
acepha t9 pro gaming keypad review

This product launched by ACEPHA is designed and manufactured for the personal gaming experience.

With the design of a compact keyboard having functional keys intact while having rollover keys which are programmable and makes your command accurate and quick.

It enhances your personal experience with customized gaming atmosphere. It helps to upgrade your skills with customized settings and key configuration of your own choice.

Its features comprise of 29 keys in which 16 are programmable with a spacebar button provided for selecting items or for other purposes. It consists of 7 colors LED Backlit keys which can be adjusted with control of adjusting the brightness of the color.

Key Features

  • 16 Programmable Keys
  • consists of 7 colors LED Backlit keys
  • strong reliable material
  • Provides you plug and plays option

ACEPHA  also consists of anti-fatigue wrist pad to eliminate any kind of fatigue from your hand and wrist by allowing you to enjoy a long online gaming session with comfort. It is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and Vista.

It is very similar to a regular keyboard in a sense that its function keys are placed as it is on typical keyboards which makes it like a smaller compact version of a keyboard. Its placement of keys is much similar to the keyboard while the space bar position quite fits itself in this perspective which allows the user to use it with comfort.

Its additional accessories consist of a driver which is used for macro software installment which can also be downloaded from their authentic website.

The addition of strong reliable material cable is a plus point with this product which makes it durable for use. Apart from these features it also has gold plated software plugin which makes your plug and plays option reliable for a long time.

acepha t9 review

Its presence helps you to free up your space and comes handy in case you play on your laptop because it is like a super cool accessory to be used along with a laptop. It makes you feel free in a gaming environment with total control over your game. It is also portable with easy access to drivers which can be downloaded online and can come in handy if you want to move to some other place.

The issues have been claimed by users regarding the installation of software by drivers which also includes downloading it from the website. The user seems to face problems regarding options for methods of installation, once installed, it works efficiently.

Other issues are about the placement of keys as the main problem is fixed functional controls of Alt, Ctrl and Shift keys which irritates some users as it is too close to the other programmable button which is used for primary functions in a game which is uncomfortable for some users.

The games it is preferred are PUBG, DOTA 2, League of legends and much more which are easy to be played on this gaming keypad. It does not have joystick or thumb pad attached to it but it really is better off it by covering all other aspects of control over each key and customizable keys to set your hands according to your style.


Razer Orbweaver – Gaming Keypads for Pc

  • 20 fully programmable buttons
  • Mechanical infrastructure
  • Unlimited profiles
  • Familiar and intuitive control scheme
  • Hotkeys support
  • Left handed Only
  • No color options for backlight.
razer orbweaver review

This gaming keypad is what can be defined to be the simpler gaming keypad with features similar to Logitech G13 gaming keypad in its most functions and features but is different altogether.

It is a Razer product with an aim to offer a different approach to a better environment replacing conventional mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse pair which most people use.

Razer Orbweaver consists of directional thumb pad comprising of a mini joystick and additional two buttons out of one below the joystick is used as the spacebar. It is a single handled device use for the gaming experience.

The default settings of Razer Orbweaver copy the left side of the keyboard with directional buttons in the center and all other buttons with a gap of 2mm making response time decrease and increase efficiency of your skills.

Key Features

  • 20 fully programmable buttons
  • Allow the user to call out infinite commands with a single hand
  • 8 key map configuration for the user to select
  • stylish and superfluous

This product allows the user to call out infinite commands with a single hand. This gaming keypad ensures the data of the gamer intact by its compatible software such as synapse. This software syncs the gaming profiles and configuration of customized keys and preferences through the cloud so they’ll be ready for use whenever you play your game.

For these features, you will be required an email address which will be used for signup and an app will be required to be installed for using complete features. The interface of the software is understandable.

There is 8 keymap configuration for the user to select while can modify it at any point using the software. Profiles can be created and particular keypad configuration can be assigned to it. This is supposed to be providing more realistic and user-friendly gaming experience compared to a keyboard.

mechanical pc gaming keypad

The ergonomic features allow this gaming keypad to allow a user to select the level of comfort by adjusting palm and keypads. Locking palm pad at provided angles and by pressing a button underneath the gaming keypad we can contract or extend the keypad.

None of these features relating to adjustment of pads is important but it makes a well-known difference when you are in an extensive gaming session. The fact that it is stylish and superfluous, does not mean it is easy for use for everyone.

Starting from the point that 20 keys present are just not enough compared to regular sized normal keyboard and its functions. Most functions which cannot be performed by Orbweaver is to be performed by conventional methods which irritate the user.

Also, there is a problem of placement of keys which are reported by a number of users which feel a requirement of a set of buttons which should be present but instead a logo is placed which takes this product down the line compared to other similar products.

This product is also considered to be somewhat overcharged because of its use and its price on which it is offered. But it is considered for serious gamers only because of its intuitive control and design that ensures comfort which makes it an ultimate tool for gaming.


Belkin Nostromo n50 – Left Hand Gaming Pad

  • Can be used in any game
  • Long USB cable
  • Decent cost
  • Logical design
  • It is doesn’t have backlit keys
belkin nostromo n50 review

This product is as interesting as its name. Unlike a fully scaled mechanical gaming keyboard, this gadget is like a smaller version of the keyboard with whole new features that are necessary for gaming purposes.

This “Belkin Nostromo speed pad n50” is basically replacement of a keyboard so instead of using full-size keyboard we can use this speed pad which has only selected keys, specially designed for gaming.

It is totally designed for the comfort of a gamer. It comes with software by which you can totally customize its setting according to your personal gaming requirement.

The design of this gaming keypad is such that it fits your hand quite comfortably, it got column rest which is removable so that you can operate in both state with your palm raised or straight as you prefer.

Key Features

  • Fully scaled mechanical gaming keypad
  • Totally designed for the comfort of a gamer
  • Totally customizable
  • 10 action keys which are mentioned from one to ten

It got 10 action keys which are mentioned from one to ten, 3 LED’s for indicating modes, it consists of sliding controller which can be slide up and down and on right it has D-pad. These all buttons are adjustable according to user’s demand using the software and save as a profile which can be accessed anytime.

How does “Belkin Nostromo speed pad n50” works? well it works okay not so fantastic as a much newer version of speed-pad with modifications has been launched and it is now kind of outdated and feels like it kind of missing functions because if you look at modern versions they have spacebars, alt and ctrl keys and many other switching mode keys in them.

But at the time of its release, this thing was fantastic. It was light, have minimum function keys, shape designed for the comfort of hand and fingers. The concept is much wiser behind this product. People saw it as a good way because instead of using full sized keyboard you get in this dedicated for gaming experience and also because it is small and inexpensive.

Adjustable Ergonomic Gaming keypad

The pros of having “Belkin Nostromo speed pad n50” are that it’s a little gadget that easily fits in your bag-pack and you don’t have to carry a large size keyboard with you, it is designed for the ergonomic comfort which is not available in case of keyboard and your hand, palm and wrist don’t get tired even after playing for a long time.

You can save profiles according to every game you can select profile and keys will be automatically adjusted according to the game requirement, it is a dedicated thing for the ultimate gaming experience reduce accidental press of the wrong key.

Everything has its pros and cons as we discussed its pros now we discuss it cons, this thing is now outdated, many newer versions have been launched with many modifications, many keys were missing which if present could make it more useful like spacebar alt, ctrl keys, unlike razor it is doesn’t have backlit keys so you can’t use it in dark room or it is difficult to use.

In last it depends on user choice whether he is comfortable with this “Belkin Nostromo speed pad n50” or with large size keyboard.


Xfuny – One Handed Gaming Keyboard

  • Latest gadget
  • Mechanical gaming keypad along with 7 color backlit keys
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Excellent experience to a gamer
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Inexpensive
  • Doesn’t have analog stick
  • Cannot assign different colors to different keys
XFUNY Gaming Keypad Review

A next gaming keypad which is unique and one of its kind is a gaming keypad. Let me explain to you that what is a keypad?

At a first sight, it seems like a piece of the keyboard which it is certainly not instead it is a fully independent gadget which is a gamer require for his comfort.

This gadget makes gamer’s life easier and provides them with the extra comfortable gaming experience.

It is also a smaller version of large size keyboard but only has the keys which are mostly used.

The ordinary keyboard can be used for gaming but those keyboards are not meant for gaming they can never give that experience to you what you can get using this XFUNY gaming keypad. Now coming to this “XFUNY gaming keypad”.

Key Features

  • Fully independent gadget
  • Provides extra comfortable gaming experience
  • Consists of 30 keys with backlit lights
  • Doesn’t have any compatibility issue
  • Offer 180 days full refund or replacement warranty

This is truly a majestic tool for gamers.  It gives the ultimate gaming experience with comfort due to its compact and ergonomic shape. It consists of 30 keys with backlit lights whose colors can be changed and set according to the user’s requirement.

The number of keys is enough for a gamer there are some keypads which come with sixty keys but if you have to use so many keys one can switch to the gaming keyboard.

Next thing which is mostly demanded by professional gamers is the comfort in this case “XFUNY gaming keypad” doesn’t fail to fulfill the gamers requirement its shape is designed to give the maximum comfort to the hand wrist and palm. It is designed in such a way that your hand can be placed perfectly on it and not get tired even after playing for the whole night.

After its shape, it also has an option of profiling one can save as many profiles as he wants according to the game. Once you start game select that profile and all your keypad is set according to the game. And you don’t have to set the keys again and again which save your time and effort.

New key layout, make further optimization on the original basis and match the player’s operating habits in the game. Its keyboard is mechanical with good lubricity which provides an ultimate comfortable and soft pressing experience.

Unlike other keypads available in the market the “XFUNY gaming keypad” doesn’t have any compatibility issue it is even compatible with the window XP and with all the latest windows available in the market.

One of the excellent facility which is provided by the company is that they offer 180 days full refund or replacement warranty for the keypad if you don’t feel comfortable with the gaming experience you can just simply return them.

Now coming to pros and cons. This keypad is the latest gadget of its kind with amazing gaming experience with its mechanical keyboard along with 7 color backlit keys provides an amazing experience so you can use it in a dark room.

Its ergonomic shape provides an excellent experience to a gamer. It is light and easy to carry, it is inexpensive. Now if we discuss its cons it doesn’t have touchpad or scroll key so you have to you mouse for it, as it’s a mechanical keyboard so it requires a careful and like a Razer product, you cannot assign different colors to different keys to distinguish a difference.


ALLreLi T9 Plus –  Single Handed Keypad

  • Best gaming keypad with solid build quality
  • Ergonomics are outstanding
  • Excellent piece of hardware
  • Very Stylish RGB back-lighting
  • One of the best gamepads around
  • There is no compatible software
  • Difficult to change the colors of customized keys

allreli programmable gaming keypad reviewALLreLi Single-handed Gaming Keyboard involves more than just your experience to be able to take over the control of your favorite games.

The key to excel is the requirement to be able to respond quickly within the game.

The aLLreLi T9 Plus Professional Single-handed Mechanical Gaming Keypad is designed specifically to enhance your skills and improve your movement during the game that will have the dominant effect of your skills over other players.

It is defined as Single-handed Mechanical Keyboard for Professional which is compact in size and shape and has a key layout that allows you to make faster finger movements with ergonomic design features.

Key Features

  • Best Gaming Keypad for Single-handed players
  • Designed specifically to enhance your skills
  • Stylish RGB back-lighting
  • 10 different color light option to choose

Included driver in the box of this gaming keypad, it helps programming keys with macros which allow a user to perform repeated tasks with fewer pressing or tapping on the keyboard. An ergonomic design exclusively for comfort with an oversized wrist rest supports to keep your hand in a comfortable position, for you to enjoy long time involving sessions without suffering from discomfort.

The aLLreLi T9 Plus Professional Single-handed Mechanical Keyboard is portable and can be used at home or carried along for using it by connecting it with your laptop.

The gaming keypad features stylish RGB back-lighting to make your gaming experience filled with colors attractive toward eyes, and there are 10 different color light option to choose from which to suit your gaming requirement.

This gaming keypad contains some issues but as soon as the user gets used to them, it becomes one of the best gamepads around. The main issue that is reported is that there is no compatible software with this device apart from the driver disc that is provided along the product itself. This gaming Keypad does comes wuth analog stick.

This makes it difficult to change the colors of customized keys and also to use the RGB factor of this device. It is also observed that when a hand is placed on the gaming wrist pad, depending upon size if the hand, it is most likely feel normal to mix up functional keys like to use Ctrl as the Shift, at least some users may feel it.

This is an excellent piece of hardware which is not considered to be needed after comparing it with other products but it is essentially important.

this aims straight at MOBA players on the go, this peripheral gadget completes a gap in a gaming accessories market consisting of gaming keypads before which weren’t quite set up for and it urges a need or requirement of mechanical switches and RGB lighting to this section.

ALLreLi  is a solid and well-built gaming keypad and the ergonomics are outstanding. If you had an experience a game on a small, regular, Chiclet-style keyboard and it results are not so convincing, you may certainly want to try this one out.


Delux T9 Plus – Right handed gaming keypad

  • 46 keys with Ergonomic design
  • comfortable for long gaming sessions
  • Its rubber made wrist rest pad absorbs all the fatigue of your hand
  • Cheap but offers double amount of functions
  • No Compatibility Issue
  • Does not offer color combinations for backlight keys
  • Does not have an analog stick
delux t9 plus review

This gaming keypad is named Delux T9 for a reason which is because of its features which it provides to its user.

It may be cheap in price but it offers a luxurious sensation and world-class gaming experience. The keys placement describes ergonomic design to maximize the use and experience of gamers.

It is a kind of gadget, which when you are holding in your by hands, you feel empowered, with supreme authority over gaming controls and its atmosphere making you able to enhance your gaming skills and perform better and faster.

It has a symmetrical design which works perfectly well for lefties to use as they prefer.Its features include 46 keys with Ergonomic design especially for gaming purposes, making it comfortable for long gaming sessions as to make a gaming keypad enhanced, ergonomics is always the major aspect.

Key Features

  • Offers a luxurious sensation and world-class gaming experience
  • Keys placement describes ergonomic design to maximize the user experience
  • Perform better and faster
  • Enhance Your Skills

Its rubber made wrist rest pad absorbs all the fatigue of your hand and does not let you feel tired even after continuously playing for several hours.

Keys to accomplish tasks performed by function keys, arrow keys(Red Cap AWSD Keys) and other keys which enables us to perform Multimedia Keyboard functions like ESC, web home, Increase or decrease volume and toggle keys on both sides that can be programmed which describes the concept behind its keypad design.

Its compact features and ease of use allow it to be used with gaming PC or laptop with just attaching USB cable with the system and specially designed for players using only one of their hand. It is compatibility with the system of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

It can be the cheapest on our gaming keypad market list but this product actually offers the double amount of functions. Apart from the red colored WASD control keys, there are two more red keys placed at the bottom part of the gaming keypad.

delux t9 46 key wired gaming keyboard

These are called space keys which are placed to accommodate not only right-handed users but lefties as well, they also will finally be able to play games more conveniently. Comparing it with similar other products, it does not offer color combinations for backlight keys yet it uses simple LED light to enable the user to play in a dark or dim light environment.

It does not have an analog stick which challenges its concept of providing a product capable of one hand mode play for gaming.  The main issue is about the difficulty in programming the keys of Deluxe T9 46-key gaming keypad as there is no easy and compatible software present which is directly responsible for assigning functions to the keys.

A negative aspect of having a lot of additional keys makes it unreachable for our fingers to access while not actually moving hands which describe the problem but large keypad setup is built in case you don’t miss any of the keystrokes during an intense gaming session.

This model is not recommended as it is difficult or impossible to program the keys and this function should not be ignored, as it is a vital one. Keypads are bought just for modeling and acquiring a perfect set of keys with the comfortable design which is always at our fingertips.


Guru’s Verdict

In order to come up with the best option for our readers, we used almost all of these best gaming keypad and wrote the perfectly aligned product reviews. We were helped by professional gamers, newbies, and intermediate gamers.

We tested the quality of these gaming keypads on different intensities and that is how we came up with refined results. It has been our number one priority to make sure that we provide our readers with the best possible products.

These gaming keypads are available in market at reasonable prices with guaranteed high performance. It is up to you to choose the keypad which is best for you and your system as every person has his/her personal preferences.

These ten best gaming keypads are the best in the market and if you want us to narrow down the results and tell you the most optimized and perfect gaming keypad than we will go with Logitech Gaming Keypad.

Want to know why?

Because it comes with a LED display which gives a very cool look and makes your system more attractive, also it is superb in performance and it is our personal pick for all the gaming freaks out there. We hope that you that had an insight from this review and now you will be a lot more confident while buying the right gaming keypad.

So, which gaming Keypad you will choose? Are you going with Logitech G13 or someone else let us know to leave the comment below


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