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Technology has evolved in recent years. We have witnessed a shift from using a desktop computer to portable computers (laptops).

Nowadays, laptops have become the one-stop shop, and one could get them along while traveling, office or even in schools and colleges. In our times, it was impossible to imagine thunderous features in a laptop.

But, the problem is we do not know how to deal with these gadgets. Hence the lifespan has become shorter than the previous generation computers. Today, we will shed light on the bulging topic, how long do laptops last, and how to increase their lifespan.

How long Should a laptop last?

The lifespan of a laptop or any electronics gadget solely depends upon the way you use it. If you are the one who does not care much of the gadgets and use it roughly that would not run long last, simply.

And in the next some months you would be spending some extra bucks in getting that fixed. Or if the damage is permanent you will have to purchase a new one. The same rule of thumb applies to laptops and desktop computers.

Though, laptop’s lifespan are shorter owing to the reason of using them on the bed and taking while traveling. On the bed, the air does not pass through the hardware components and probably the temperature of the device rises and can melt the hardware components.

I am writing this as per my experience. Decent hardware components laptops remain in good condition and up to date for two to four years. So, you can say the life expectancy of good specification laptops would not be more than 4 years.

And there are chances even within this duration you might have a visit to service shops to repair them. But, after 2-4 years, the fixing cost goes beyond the total remaining value of the machine.

After this, it is much possible you get the same or different problems within every 3-4 months. And when a machine touches that phase, it would be ideal to handover to younger brother as a gift.

But, the duration also may vary from person to person. I have seen people using the laptop like the way they treat their girlfriends. And in this way, the total lifespan stretched towards 6 years.

The most certain and fastest way to destroy even a good specification laptop is by using it on your bed. The bed does not allow the machine to emit heats, the components in that way start absorbing that heat resulting in tearing of the silicon chips.

If you are addicted to using the machine on your bed overnight, it would be enough if the machine could long last one year.

What About Gaming laptops?

Purchasing a new gaming laptop is not a small cup of tea. It is a wisely, expensive and dedicated decision one takes.

And considering either that investment would be worthwhile for the long run, would be a nice though. Probably one should search for the average span of a gaming laptop before getting a new purchase

A gaming laptop is different than other business or normal laptops. The gaming laptops experience heavier loads compare to normal laptops. And this only thing can make them catch the damage.

The average gaming laptops with normal load can roughly perform two years. And if the hardware components are installed to get the game run and you did not play the games and put the heavier loads that machine should at least run for ten years.

In simple words, a new gaming laptop cannot provide the up to date gaming performances for more than 3 years. And with extra care, and meticulous usage, it would go for 4 years, not longer than this.

Why Consoles Last More Than Gaming Laptops?

Yes, Consoles are wholly build to run games. They got only one objective, to run smooth and error-free games. The consoles are built for single-direction, and this only thing brings a longer life span to them.

On the other hand, Laptops are subjected to the use of diverse functions. You play games on your computer, get the movies running, listen to music and above all get it in browsing the internet.

So, these all components make the total lifespan shorter, as the computer catches heat when they are loaded with highly impulsive functioning software. That thing can tear the silicon chaps apart.

Laptops are built smaller and lighter. The portability is the only factor why people love using the laptop. And on the same side, it should not be too hefty.

For that reason, the manufacturer tries to put all of the components in one place they make adjustments. This makes them adjacent, and the air does not pass through them, which results in catching heats.

While the consoles are properly maintained and do not put under the immense pressure frequently, if you do not put heavy loads on your gaming machine, do not play AAA series games too often. That machine even can long lose for about ten years easily.

Battery Life

The average life of a battery and the lifespan totally depends upon your usage. If you get to work entire a day on your laptop and do not use it for the purpose it was built, unfortunately, the lifespan of a battery is not that much.

The total recharge cycle of batteries (Total number of fully charging a battery) is about 400 times. And after that you see the battery start holding its power. And you would start noticing it by the passage of the time, in the end; you will have to replace it.

It has been witnessed that most of the laptops’ batteries start failing within 1-2 years of time. And after that, the total running time after a complete charge would be half than before. And after three years the battery dead and you will need to replace it.

How To Extend The Current Battery Lifespan?

If you a full-time computer user, you need to consider using a desktop computer. If you say, “I am not addicted to using a PC”, you would become addicted after a few days. Initial some days would be tough, but after that, you start seeing the advantages.

If you use your laptop full day plugged on, you are wasting the cycles of charging. And in this way, maybe the machine would start losing its power within six months to one year.

The solution would be removing the battery from the laptop and put it on only when you need to go somewhere out. As long as the laptop is plugged on it would not be requiring the actual battery. It could work with the AC outlet in this way; you can save your battery life.

Graphics Card Life?

If you are not abusing it, it is uncommon that your Graphics card obsoleting or stop working. But, like any other gadget, there is a life of a graphics card.

And this is what we want to know what the lifespan of a graphics card is. Before diving into this, you need to know the factors which make the Graphic cards to fail before the actual lifespan.

Why Does Graphics Card Fail?

It is uncommon and unheard that under normal circumstances and normal usage the graphics card melt or failed. The only reason for the failure of a Graphics card would be heat. The heat produces during the highly stretching gaming hours.

You need to see what happens with a graphics card when it faces the temperature 10-degree Celsius higher than the room temperature.

In such cases, either the GPU stopped working or the CPU of the machine put the laptop to sleep. Or the Graphics card burns and fails to load functioning again. Under the heat circumstances, the life expectancy even of a graphics card starts lowering.

Under the normal circumstances and within the careful gaming hours, the graphics card would not fail 4-5 years. But, if you are a pro gamer, and usually involves pressure gaming hours, your graphics card would not last long more than 1-2 years.

SSD Drives Lifespan

The hard disk drives failure can get you a heart attack. As most of the time, we store data in our hard drives. Though the trend is leaping and you would see in the near future the data is being backed up online.

But, as of now, we use conventional hard drives to store our data and even get the backup stored in that (funny). The drives fail and it is the matter of time when most of the hard drives as per the latest reports revealed online, fail within 4 years.

The normal hard drives what we use in cheap laptops or often desktop fail sooner compare to SSD hard drives. The traditional hard drives use moving parts, and the average lifespan of an HDD drives would be not higher than 4 years.

For an SSD hard drives, though the speed of this drive is five times faster than conventional hard drives, they as well do fail.

But, the lifespan of an SSD hard is witnessed 5-7 years. Accidental damage is another thing, if your computer does not encounter an unfortunate accident, it is possible the SSD drive would last more than 7 years, this is the average lifespan.

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