How To Charge Your Laptop Without Charger – 5 Simple and Easy Ways

how to charge your laptop without a charger

Often while rushing to work or school, we accidentally forget to bring a few essentials. This includes chargers for our electronic devices.

Now, if you forgot the charger for your cellphone, you would simply connect it through a USB cable to your laptop. But what if you forgot your laptop’s charger?

Suddenly you are running low on battery and you cannot afford to shut down your laptop. Considering your colleagues are not carrying a compatible one, you will assume that you are out of luck. This bitter-experience will become a reminder and make sure that you bring it with you next time!

The only problem is that this is the least of your charger related worries; there are other inconveniences such as a bad AC adapter, the charger getting damaged due to low voltage, blackouts, or in worse cases the charging jack breaks. Fortunately, there are several ways you can still charge your laptop.

Type of USB port you need

You can charge other electronic devices by connecting them to your laptop via a USB port but can you charge your laptop via its own USB port?

Absolutely! Over the years tech industry developed USB ports that offer power input as well. Before I go any further into explaining how this works and in what situation this is viable, I need to discuss the types of USB ports.

Types of USB Ports

1) USB Type-A port

These ports have a flat and rectangular shape. These are the standard USB ports that PCs and laptops are equipped with. Easily recognizable, they may support USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 technology depending on the hardware.

These ports offer data transfer, power output, connectivity with printers and other devices. In our case, we can not utilize these to charge our laptop since they only offer one-way power.

2) USB Type C port

This is the latest type of USB port and it is quite different in size and shape as compared to the Standard-A. It has connectors that have the same size as that of a micro-USB connector.

Unlike the Type-A connectors, you don’t have to worry about the correct orientation. It has an oval shape and features USB 3.1 or USB 3.2 technology and data transfer speeds of up to 10 and 20Gbit/s.

The USB type C offers not only almost all the features of its predecessor but has power input too. This is going to help us with charging our laptop without a dedicated charger.

Today in this article, I will explain how you can still charge your laptop without needing a dedicated laptop charger. So without further ado, here are the 5 ways to charge your laptop without a charger.

  • Charge your laptop with USB Type C port
  • Gets benefits from your car battery
  • Use a universal power adapter
  • Use universal auto/air adapter
  • Charging your laptop’s battery externally

1. Charge your laptop with USB-C

To charge your laptop through your USB-C port you need a power bank with a USB-C connector. Assuming these are not so hard to come by, your colleagues might be carrying these.

All you need to do is connect one end of the USB-C cord with your laptop’s USB-C port and the other end with the power bank. However, keep in mind that the power bank you use for charging your cellphone is not recommended as we are looking for at least 12 volts of power while most of the USB chargers offer around 5 volts.

Power banks offering less than the rated voltage for your laptop will not be useful. If you have access to a USB-C charger and an outlet you can just go ahead and plug that in.

You can also use your mobile phone to charge your laptop if it has a USB-C port. Connect your USB-C cord with your laptop and your cellphone, go to your mobile phone’s USB connectivity settings and enable the option to supply power. This might drain your mobile phone’s battery but it can prove helpful if you really need to use your laptop.

If you are looking for a laptop to buy, you might want to narrow down the list to ones that have USB-C port. Similarly, when buying a power bank make sure it supports the required minimum voltage.

2. Get benefits from your car battery

Sometimes you are on the move and can only carry a limited number of supplies. What if you have the USB-C port but no power source to connect the laptop too? Your car can be a useful charging tool in dire times. In this case scenario, you can use different methods to recharge your laptop.

For a relatively easier method you will need an AC adapter, having a USB Type-A connector at one end and a USB Type C connector on the other end, and a USB charger. Now all you need to do is plug the USB charger in the vehicle, turn on the engine and connect the USB-C connector with your laptop.

The second method will require some creativity and you will need a built-in voltage regulator which is often available in several automobiles. The voltage regulator helps you to step down the battery voltage to the required amount.  In this method, we are going to hardwire the laptop to your car’s fuse box.

The only problem is that laptops are not able to lower down the incoming voltage are designed to accept their native AC adapters as a power source. This is where our voltage regulator comes into play. By connecting the laptop to the voltage regulator and then to the car battery, we can lower the voltage to the required amount.

Another beginner-friendly method would be to use a power inverter. The power inverter can be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter outlet. These can provide sufficient power to charge your laptop.

3. Use a universal power adapter

Universal power adapters can be a good investment if you are using old laptops and don’t plan on replacing your machine. These are adapters that are available with several interchangeable charger tips. So you need not worry about losing the tip that is compatible with your laptop either.

The upside on these is that some of these can be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter. Additionally, you can share it with your colleagues since it has quite a number of interchangeable tips for most commonly used laptops.

The downside is that the performance can be lackluster unless you have a premium adapter and, in most cases, it isn’t a better substitute than your dedicated adapter.

Unless it provides the optimal power, there is a chance of it reducing the battery’s lifespan. Some premium adapters offer voltage settings, however, and might be worth checking out.

4. Use universal auto/air adapter

Some laptops can be connected to the universal chargers available in cars or airplanes. A power cord might be required depending on what universal charger your car has to offer, but some can make do with a USB cord.

Make sure that the universal charger works with your laptop prior to connecting it via a USB cord. This should go without saying but this procedure requires that the engine is running.

5. Charging your laptop battery externally

This might be quite helpful the charging jack has been damaged or if your laptop does not have a USB-C port. This can be done in a number of ways. Check if your laptop has an AC adapter available, if so, then connect the charger with the adapter port of the battery.

If this isn’t viable due to lacking some requisites, you can get an external laptop battery charger. Make sure the external charger meets the requirements of your laptop’s battery as each has different specifications.

Considering you don’t have a backup battery, next time you buy one, make sure it comes equipped with an AC port. Keep charging that while you use your laptop. This way you can be ahead of time and have at least one fully charged battery at your disposal.

Guru’s Verdict

It is always better to be prepared beforehand. Make sure to plan ahead of time so you can tackle the situation when it arrives! If your work requires you to run several applications simultaneously or in general your laptop’s battery gets drained quickly, it might be a good idea to purchase a spare battery equipped with an AC port.

If you still frequently run into situations where you run out of battery you can purchase an external battery charger. Also, if your laptop is quite dated and you don’t plan on upgrading it yet, it might be a good idea to purchase a premium quality universal power adapter.

When purchasing a new laptop, make sure that it has a USB-C port. The USB-C port is surely going to replace the Standard-A in a few years completely since it offers everything better. This purchase will surely benefit you a lot in your work. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

What is VulkanRT? is VulkanRT a Virus? Should You Remove It OR Not?

What is VulkanRT

Do you just come across the Vulkan Run Time Libraries file on your computer? And think that it is a virus that is transferred to your computer because you had not scanned your friend’s pen drive while inserting it in your PC.

The simple and straight answer is “No” VulkanRT is not a virus, nor it would harm your system or privacy.

You are not alone who is concerned about the presence of the Vulkan run time library file. This is a common question many windows users had asked over dozens of forums.

The users shared their experience that the program found in their Program Files (x86) folder or on their apps list in Windows 10.

Many among us also had been taking this file as malware or spacious thing that appeared on their computer without any pop or notification.

Yes, the presence of this code like file raises many non-tech guys eyebrows and they should be concerned about the security of their system. Do not worry these files are not malicious software neither a malware or penetration tool.

If it is not malicious software or any malware, what is the purpose of it? Let me elaborate on the presence of Vulkan Run time libraries and narrate you the whole story behind.

Is VulkanRT a virus?

It is not a virus but an API (Application programming interface) that is used for the display of our system.

In simple words, the file is generated by display cards Manufacturers Company such as NVidia, Intel, AMD or any other. The file gets updated when you update your video driver. It is not a virus, malware, penetration tool but a computer API.

The Vulkan Run Time library file is a set of communication methods between the 3D software developing company and hardware.

Before VulkanRT companies have been using OpenGL and DirectX for enhanced 3D performance in gaming and display.

It is a new standard for better CPU/GPU and to get the balance communication between computer hardware and software. This file also used to distribute workload among multiple CPU cores.

I have mentioned it before that it is normal to find VulkanRT files in your company, especially if you have just updated NVidia Drives or software. Before installing the updates, NVidia Drivers check for the presence of VulkanRT files. And if this is not available, they first install this file before any permission.

So, do not panic, it is nothing that hurts your computer or privacy. Just leave it there and do not bother.

The Main Purpose of Vulkan Runtime libraries

Rest assured, the file presence is not going to put your privacy on risk. There is no need to delete it, actually, you will require this file if you are playing games or expose to 3D usage on your computer.

The new graphics standard in the place of OpenGL is going to help you in playing games and have better videos watching experience or other graphics tools.

The main purpose of this file is to lower down the CPU usage, as it renders cross-platform access to modern GPU in different devices from PC and other consoles including mobile phones. This helps in getting the excessive work uniformly distributed among the multiple CPU cores.

I have mentioned it in the above section and going to explain it once here as well. The file most of the time is generated if you are installing the latest NVidia Drivers.

The drivers before installing any update or files ensure the presence of the VulkanRT file, and you would not receive any pop-up or notification windows.

If you are a gamer you will behold the file on your computer. For a non-gamer, the file may or may not be there. And in the case of a non-gamer, you can uninstall or delete the files as well.

There has been a big fuss due to the latest wind32/subtab!blnk virus. Many users reported this as malware and demanded its instant uninstallation. Many used premium tools and tried to manually block this software from their computer.

How Vulkan Installed on my Computer?

The software gets installed on your PC with NVidia driver or any other display drivers you install including AMD and others.

The VulkanRT files are necessary to provide smooth communication between our hardware and application. If you have not upgraded the drivers for a long, it might not be there on your computer.

The VulkanRT files also come with the games. If you have recently downloaded a game and installed, some games for smooth communication, first check the presence of this file, and if they do not find it, they create it first. Yes, games utilize this wile and it comes handy for any latest game.

Do I need Vulkan runtime libraries or should I remove it?

Yes for gamers, you need to have this file installed on your computer. Without the file, your computer performance in rendering 3D graphics or running the latest games can be altered. As the programs are a replica of OpenGl and Directx12, so ensure the presence of the file on your computer.

In fact, you have nothing to do with the file, just leave it there, where it is. Do not try to use any premium defenders or other tools to consider it a spam file, virus, malware or any injection. If you do so, you will start to behold an altered, decreased visual performance on the screen.

If you are not a gamer that indulges in the latest games, the presence of the file might not hold a key significance. In that case, you can remove this file, as it does not occupy tons of space out of your system, so I do not think of any reason forcefully removing this file.

So, my recommendation is, do not remove the VulkanRT file. Just let it there where it is, and if your premium anti-virus is telling VulkanRT malicious software, just remove that warning or skip it.

If still, you want to delete it?

If I were you, I might not have come that long. I would not have deleted the file that is important for my games or even PC videos running. If you have a final desire of uninstalling the file and searching for the ways to get rid of this file, just narrating it for you.

Yes, you can delete the file, and it would not be that difficult. You can go to the control panel of your computer, find this file and click on uninstall. Or you can search the file on the left windows and can find an uninstall button to get rid of the file.

If you are using Windows, go to the settings and click on Apps and features. Search “Vulkan Runtime Libraries” and uninstall the tool.

But, I am warning you not to uninstall or delete the file. The file gets automatically be there with the next NVidia Update or installing any latest games.

How Long Should a Laptop Last and How to Make it Last Longer

Technology has evolved in recent years. We have witnessed a shift from using a desktop computer to portable computers (laptops).

Nowadays, laptops have become the one-stop shop, and one could get them along while traveling, office or even in schools and colleges. In our times, it was impossible to imagine thunderous features in a laptop.

But, the problem is we do not know how to deal with these gadgets. Hence the lifespan has become shorter than the previous generation computers. Today, we will shed light on the bulging topic, how long do laptops last, and how to increase their lifespan.

How long Should a laptop last?

The lifespan of a laptop or any electronics gadget solely depends upon the way you use it. If you are the one who does not care much of the gadgets and use it roughly that would not run long last, simply.

And in the next some months you would be spending some extra bucks in getting that fixed. Or if the damage is permanent you will have to purchase a new one. The same rule of thumb applies to laptops and desktop computers.

Though, laptop’s lifespan are shorter owing to the reason of using them on the bed and taking while traveling. On the bed, the air does not pass through the hardware components and probably the temperature of the device rises and can melt the hardware components.

I am writing this as per my experience. Decent hardware components laptops remain in good condition and up to date for two to four years. So, you can say the life expectancy of good specification laptops would not be more than 4 years.

And there are chances even within this duration you might have a visit to service shops to repair them. But, after 2-4 years, the fixing cost goes beyond the total remaining value of the machine.

After this, it is much possible you get the same or different problems within every 3-4 months. And when a machine touches that phase, it would be ideal to handover to younger brother as a gift.

But, the duration also may vary from person to person. I have seen people using the laptop like the way they treat their girlfriends. And in this way, the total lifespan stretched towards 6 years.

The most certain and fastest way to destroy even a good specification laptop is by using it on your bed. The bed does not allow the machine to emit heats, the components in that way start absorbing that heat resulting in tearing of the silicon chips.

If you are addicted to using the machine on your bed overnight, it would be enough if the machine could long last one year.

What About Gaming laptops?

Purchasing a new gaming laptop is not a small cup of tea. It is a wisely, expensive and dedicated decision one takes.

And considering either that investment would be worthwhile for the long run, would be a nice though. Probably one should search for the average span of a gaming laptop before getting a new purchase

A gaming laptop is different than other business or normal laptops. The gaming laptops experience heavier loads compare to normal laptops. And this only thing can make them catch the damage.

The average gaming laptops with normal load can roughly perform two years. And if the hardware components are installed to get the game run and you did not play the games and put the heavier loads that machine should at least run for ten years.

In simple words, a new gaming laptop cannot provide the up to date gaming performances for more than 3 years. And with extra care, and meticulous usage, it would go for 4 years, not longer than this.

Why Consoles Last More Than Gaming Laptops?

Yes, Consoles are wholly build to run games. They got only one objective, to run smooth and error-free games. The consoles are built for single-direction, and this only thing brings a longer life span to them.

On the other hand, Laptops are subjected to the use of diverse functions. You play games on your computer, get the movies running, listen to music and above all get it in browsing the internet.

So, these all components make the total lifespan shorter, as the computer catches heat when they are loaded with highly impulsive functioning software. That thing can tear the silicon chaps apart.

Laptops are built smaller and lighter. The portability is the only factor why people love using the laptop. And on the same side, it should not be too hefty.

For that reason, the manufacturer tries to put all of the components in one place they make adjustments. This makes them adjacent, and the air does not pass through them, which results in catching heats.

While the consoles are properly maintained and do not put under the immense pressure frequently, if you do not put heavy loads on your gaming machine, do not play AAA series games too often. That machine even can long lose for about ten years easily.

Battery Life

The average life of a battery and the lifespan totally depends upon your usage. If you get to work entire a day on your laptop and do not use it for the purpose it was built, unfortunately, the lifespan of a battery is not that much.

The total recharge cycle of batteries (Total number of fully charging a battery) is about 400 times. And after that you see the battery start holding its power. And you would start noticing it by the passage of the time, in the end; you will have to replace it.

It has been witnessed that most of the laptops’ batteries start failing within 1-2 years of time. And after that, the total running time after a complete charge would be half than before. And after three years the battery dead and you will need to replace it.

How To Extend The Current Battery Lifespan?

If you a full-time computer user, you need to consider using a desktop computer. If you say, “I am not addicted to using a PC”, you would become addicted after a few days. Initial some days would be tough, but after that, you start seeing the advantages.

If you use your laptop full day plugged on, you are wasting the cycles of charging. And in this way, maybe the machine would start losing its power within six months to one year.

The solution would be removing the battery from the laptop and put it on only when you need to go somewhere out. As long as the laptop is plugged on it would not be requiring the actual battery. It could work with the AC outlet in this way; you can save your battery life.

Graphics Card Life?

If you are not abusing it, it is uncommon that your Graphics card obsoleting or stop working. But, like any other gadget, there is a life of a graphics card.

And this is what we want to know what the lifespan of a graphics card is. Before diving into this, you need to know the factors which make the Graphic cards to fail before the actual lifespan.

Why Does Graphics Card Fail?

It is uncommon and unheard that under normal circumstances and normal usage the graphics card melt or failed. The only reason for the failure of a Graphics card would be heat. The heat produces during the highly stretching gaming hours.

You need to see what happens with a graphics card when it faces the temperature 10-degree Celsius higher than the room temperature.

In such cases, either the GPU stopped working or the CPU of the machine put the laptop to sleep. Or the Graphics card burns and fails to load functioning again. Under the heat circumstances, the life expectancy even of a graphics card starts lowering.

Under the normal circumstances and within the careful gaming hours, the graphics card would not fail 4-5 years. But, if you are a pro gamer, and usually involves pressure gaming hours, your graphics card would not last long more than 1-2 years.

SSD Drives Lifespan

The hard disk drives failure can get you a heart attack. As most of the time, we store data in our hard drives. Though the trend is leaping and you would see in the near future the data is being backed up online.

But, as of now, we use conventional hard drives to store our data and even get the backup stored in that (funny). The drives fail and it is the matter of time when most of the hard drives as per the latest reports revealed online, fail within 4 years.

The normal hard drives what we use in cheap laptops or often desktop fail sooner compare to SSD hard drives. The traditional hard drives use moving parts, and the average lifespan of an HDD drives would be not higher than 4 years.

For an SSD hard drives, though the speed of this drive is five times faster than conventional hard drives, they as well do fail.

But, the lifespan of an SSD hard is witnessed 5-7 years. Accidental damage is another thing, if your computer does not encounter an unfortunate accident, it is possible the SSD drive would last more than 7 years, this is the average lifespan.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop – Step By Step

Connect Switch to Laptop

If you are a big fan of Nintendo Switch and want to play games on a bigger screen, I am here to help you out. Today I am going to tell you how to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop step by step.

As per the latest reports, Nintendo’s lifetime worldwide unit sales of the Wii U have surpassed the previous records.  The North American unit sales state selling over 15 million units of the handheld console in North America.

Further noting that the Switch had been one of the most popular gaming devices for the last 10 months in a row in the United States.

No doubt about it, the Nintendo Switch is a massive hit, and people love the idea of having a gaming device around without any big trouble. The only thing that users love about the device is its ability to render playing ground on the go and on a bigger screen.

You need to go to your work, no problem, have a little mobile shaped device around you and play anywhere. You are at home, connect the device to your TV and use it on a bigger screen.

The little gaming device houses many incredible games. I loved Super Mario Odyssey; people also love Smash Bros, Mario Maker 2, the legend of Zelda and many more in the row.

Many think that on the handheld device you can achieve only 720p to 1080p resolution. That’s true in a sense like there is no way to increase the resolution. The only way to enhance and improve the screen resolution is to connect it to your TV Screen.

Yes, the Nintendo Switch can be connected to a TV using the dock. You put your Nintendo Switch in the dock and connect few fires to have a smooth screen on your latest TV.

Now, the problem is, if you do not have an extra TV or the TV you are using was manufactured in the ’90s and lacks many advanced features to run your Nintendo games what you will do? Is there any other option to connect the switch to any device like a computer or laptop and run a game?

Can you connect a Nintendo Switch to a laptop?

If you ask connecting directly without any external assistance, the answer is “BIG NO“. If you are asking after using some external tools, wires or devices, the answer is “YES“.

Now, you may ask why not a user connects a switch directly to a computer, whereas the laptops come with HDMI port.  The problem is, our laptop comes featured with an HDMI-out port, not an HDMI-in port.

In another language, you can connect a device to a laptop and gets the signal out of the laptop to display something on an external device. You cannot connect an external device, and get a signal to output in a laptop from the external device.

So, this means we cannot connect the switch to a laptop and experience gameplay?

I did not say that;

I said you cannot connect directly if you follow the guide, you will actually connect without any big trouble. Do not roam around, stick to the guide and read with open eyes.

Is there any way to connect Nintendo Switch to a laptop?

Yes, there is a way and if you follow the way you would connect your switch to a laptop or computer. I mentioned the real issue why computers cannot be connected to a switch; the gape is filled using a captured card.

Get a capture card and connect the card to the switch. After that, you will be able to signal-in on your laptop. Let’s briefly discuss the things you will need to get the job done.

Things needed to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop

  1. Nintendo Dock
  2. HDMI cable
  3. Video captured card
  4. A software like ‘OBS Studio’

These things might look new if you had not been using them. I will discuss each of them and make you have a short-introduction.

1. Nintendo Dock

nintendo dockThe core concept of Nintendo Dock is, using this little device you can play games on your TV at home by the way of docking. The docking unit does not offer you more storage or aids in performance, that’s only a way to play games onto the bigger screen.

The good thing is that you do not have to pay to use this little device; rather it comes as an accessory with a Nintendo Switch. You can use this Nintendo Switch dock that comes with the console.

Just put the Switch into the dock and connect few cables and get the gameplay viewed on a bigger screen, in our case onto a smart TV. So, you have Nintendo Dock and it will help you have the screen displayed on a laptop. Checkout Nintendo Switch Dock

2. Video Capture Card

Video Capture CardYou need to have a captured card to get the job done. A capture card is in fact used for capturing high definition video streams or games stream from PS4, Xbox One or Wii devices.

The captured cards are mostly used by the pro gamers as they offer the best facility for live streaming and also convert your old sources of movies into HD formats.

It would be tough for a novice to find a good quality capture card. We recommend using the Elgato Gamer capture card as it is the best in the market and top-selling as well.

The card will offer superb functionality and let you use your Nintendo Switch on a laptop. It will feature HDMI-in and HDMI-out ports. If you do not like buying the recommended capture card, keep a check for both types of ports prior to purchasing. Checkout Elgato Game Capture Card

3. HDMI Cable

HDMI CableAny HDMI cable you have in your house can be used for the objective. In fact, the Nintendo Switch package comes with a high-quality HDMI cable; you can use that as well.

The HDMI cable stands for a high definition media interface. The type of cable transmit high definition audio and video signal in the best possible way.

The wire transmits uncompressed video and audio signals with clear images and a multi-audio channel. You only need one cable to get video and audio entire setup. Checkout HDMI Cable

4. Software

You need to download software that could capture the video and show it on the laptops’ screen. The software can also be used to live stream the video on Twitch or similar services.

If you have been using any software to live stream the videos before and familiar with it, use that. If you are using it for the first time, I would like to recommend OBS Studio. The software is free to use and distribute and supports all leading operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac.

You can also use Elgato, the most popular software to get this kind of job done. The free version of Elegato will let you capture HD videos; we do not need premium features for now. Now, let’s move forward and connect the switch to a laptop. Checkout OBS Studio

How to connect Nintendo Switch to a Laptop?

Remember, why do we need to connect a switch to a laptop? We do not have the latest features integrated or switch supported a TV or you do not own a TV.

In our case, the laptop screen will be used as a TV screen.  So, you will have to put the switch in docking during the time you want to play switch using a laptop.

So, now you are well familiar with all the stuff, now let’s connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop step by step.

  • Step #1, you need to disconnect the HDMI cable connection of the switch connected to a TV.
  • Step #2, grab the capture card and locate the HDMI in port in that card, and connect the Switch’s HDMI cable into the Capture card’s HDMI in port.
  • Step #3, you already have downloaded the game capture software in your PC, open the software on the laptop and switch off the switch using a home button
  • Step #4, use a USB cable and connect the capture card and laptop. The game capture application will detect the Nintendo Switch on your laptop
  • Step #5, on the game capture HD application, click on the full screen and your Switch footage will be shared on the screen.

Congratulations, you have connected your Nintendo Switch on your laptop and you can pursue your Switch gaming on a laptop like the way you have been doing it on a TV.

If due to some reasons, you are unable to purchase an HDMI capture card or something just is not working, still, you can play Nintendo games on your laptop.

Though those games are limited in numbers, these are called PC versions of Nintendo games. The Nintendo’s first-party franchises games such as Animal Crossing, Pokémon and Super Mario cannot be run on a laptop without following the procedure mentioned.

Though these games come at a price and you will have to purchase from Microsoft App store in case you are running it on a Windows operating system.

The games that can be played on a PC and comes with cross-save between device features are; Fortnite, Minecraft and many others. You can have the PC versions of the game other than official sources.

Can I connect my Nintendo Switch to my computer as well?

Yes, but not directly. You will have to connect the switch to a video card HDMI in port and that video card to your computer. Use video capturing software we mentioned above and get the job done.

Is there any way to connect the computer with a switch in the absence of a video card?

No without an HDMI video card you cannot connect. The reason is obvious, our computer comes with HDMI out port, can get signals out from the device.

To get a Nintendo game run on a computer’s monitor, you need to have an HDMI in port. That’s provided using a video card. So, there is no way to connect a computer with a switch without a video card.

Can we record switch gameplay on a laptop?

Yes, we can but using an HDMI capture card. You need to connect the capture card in between the switch and laptop. We mentioned software as well in the article, you can use any what you like.

Did I have to purchase a new Nintendo Dock?

No, the Dock that you had been using to play Nintendo games on your smart TV can be used. If you have lost that Dock, definitely you need to shop a new one to get this job done.

How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

Optimize Windows 10 Gaming

There are many reasons why PC gamers won’t exchange their trusty laptop or desktop for a console. Quite simply, PC gamers have more choice when it comes to the number of games available to them, and those games are far cheaper than you need to pay for console games.

A computer is easier to immerse yourself into, partly because of how close you sit to the screen, and the quality of graphics is better than a console, too.

The only thing that can sometimes hold PC gamers back is their operating software. While Windows 10 is an excellent piece of software, it can slow down gaming if you don’t make a few tweaks. We’re now going to look at how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming so that you can have the most immersive gaming experience.

Top Tips For How to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

Tip #1 – Change Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Windows update

The easiest and simplest way to optimize Windows 10 is by altering how Windows searches for updates and downloads them. This is useful for several reasons. Firstly, you’ll find that your gaming performance won’t be interrupted by lagging because your internet’s bandwidth will be used up by the download of Windows updates.

They can be large files. You don’t want them taking up bandwidth. You also don’t want to ruin your gaming experience if your computer decides to restart so it can finish the Windows update.

To do this, you just need to press the Windows key, then select Settings from the list of programs. Once Settings has opened, you should see a choice for Windows Update on the list. Simply click on Windows Update, then scroll down to Advanced Options. Click on it.

Then turn off the automatic restart setting. You also can pause Windows Update for up to 35 days, so you won’t have any issues for a while, and can play game after game without ever having your bandwidth strained by a Windows 10 update.

Tip #2 – Change Your DNS Settings

DNS settings

The second way you can optimize Windows 10 for gaming is by altering your DNS settings. This is ideal for any online gamer, as it will reduce issues related to network traffic.

You’ll want to press the Windows key, then select Settings from the list of programs.

Then, you need to look through the list on Settings and click on Network & Internet. This will open up a new page, and you want to select Change Adapter Settings from the list.

You should see your WiFi network’s name on the new list. Right-click on it. And then you want to click on Properties.

You’ll see a box with a list that has Client for Microsoft Networks at the top. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4, which is fourth on the list. You should now be able to see what the DNS numbers are for your WiFi network. It’s best to write down these numbers, as you may want to change the settings back in the future. Once you’ve done this, then you’ll want to change the numbers to and After that, it’s best to restart your computer.

Tip #3 – Use Windows 10 Game Mode

Game mode settings

Game Mode is built into Windows 10 for gaming enthusiasts, so if you use Windows for games, then you want to use Game Mode too. It’s simple to switch on Game Mode. Once again, you want to tap the Windows key, then select Settings from the list.

You’ll now see that one of the options is entitled Gaming. Click on it. Then look on the list on the left for Game Mode. Click on Game Mode. And then you should see a toggle for Game Mode. If it’s toggled off, then turn it on, and if Game Mode is already on, then you don’t need to do anything.

Tip #4 – Turn Off Windows 10 Notifications

Notifications settings

The notifications that Windows 10 give you are very important, as they tell you exactly what’s going on with your computer. But if you want to optimize Windows 10 for gaming performance, then it’s best to alter the settings for these notifications, as you could find your gaming performance ruined by an unwelcome notification.

To alter Windows 10 notifications settings, you need to tap on the Windows key, and then go to Settings. In the top left, you’ll see System, and this is what you want to click on. You now have two options. You can click on Notifications and then select what Windows 10 notifications you want to receive and when. You can also click on Focus Assist. There’s an option on this page to turn off all Windows 10 notifications while you’re playing a game.

Tip #5 – Change Mouse Acceleration Settings

Mouse acceleration settings

Another way to optimize Windows 10 for gaming is to disable mouse acceleration settings. To do this, you’ll want to go to Settings, then click on Devices, and then select Mouse from the list on the left-hand side. You then want to click on Additional Mouse Options.

Once you’ve done this, you should see an option for Pointer Options, which is what you want to select, and then, so that you can improve gaming performance, you want to make sure that there’s a tick in the box beside Enhance Pointer Precision. You’ll find that after you disable mouse acceleration settings, it will also give you a more intuitive cursor and mouse relationship, which can only enhance gaming performance.

Tip #6 – Update Your Drivers

Driver update

As every keen gamer knows, gaming performance is at its best when graphics run smoothly without any lag, and to adjust for best performance, you’ll want to make sure that your drivers are all up to date. This way, you can enjoy a Windows gaming experience at its best.

There are several ways that you can update your drivers on Windows 10. Perhaps the easiest way, however, is to visit your computer manufacturer’s website. To do this, you should simply type into a search engine the name of your manufacturer and the words ‘drivers update’. This will then take you directly to the right page.

Tip #7 – Improve Your Computer’s Power Performance

Power settings

To optimize Windows 10 for gaming, you’ll want to change your power plan for high performance. At the moment, it’s likely that your current power plan won’t offer the high performance that you need for Windows 10 gaming. To adjust for the best performance, you want to follow these steps.

First, you want to tap the Windows key, and then you want to select Settings from the list of programs.

You next want to click on System, which is in the top-left corner.

On the left, you will see a list, and you want to select Power & Sleep from this list.

You then want to click on Additional Power Settings.

This will open up a new box for Power Options.

You will see your current power plan, and it will have a description beside it, such as Balanced.

You want to click on Change Plan Settings.

Now you’ll be able to change your power plan, so it offers high performance for Windows 10 gaming.

Tip #8 – Change Your Gaming Client’s Auto-Update Settings

Gaming client auto update

As we’ve already discovered with Windows 10 Update, if you have automatic updates running in the background while you’re gaming, then it will hamper the performance of your computer and your internet.

If you use Steam or Blizzard or another gaming client, then you may have it set up so that you automatically download updates to your games when they’re ready, but you don’t want this to happen when gaming. Windows 10 has to be optimized for better performance, but it can only do so much. You also need to change the settings on other software if you want a better Windows 10 gaming performance.

The process you need to go through to turn off automatic updates so that you can optimize Windows 10 for gaming will depend on your gaming client.

With Steam, you just need to open the app, go to the settings area, and then to downloads, and you then want to make sure that Allow Downloads During Gameplay isn’t selected.

You may also want to turn off updates for the odd game or two that you don’t tend to play anymore. To do this, you just need to visit the Steam library, locate the game you’re not playing much anymore, and then alter the update settings by right-clicking on the name of the game, and then opening Properties. You’ll see an area here that’s focused on Automatic Updates. You want to turn them off for this game and for any game in your library that you don’t use anymore.

Tip #9 – Download the Latest Version of DirectX

DirectX Microsoft

As every Windows gamer will tell you, DirectX is an essential component of Windows 10 for making the performance of a game run smoothly. That’s the reason why you need to make sure that the latest version of DirectX is installed, as it’s necessary if you truly want to optimize Windows 10 for high-level game performance.

The most recent DirectX version is called DirectX 12, although Microsoft has announced that the next version DirectX 12 Ultimate will be available for Windows 10 users soon. To find out what version you have so that you can ensure that you’re up to date, then you need to open Windows Power Shell.

Once you’ve done this, you want to type dxdiag into the Windows Poer Shell, and then press Enter. This will load up a box with all the information about DirectX. You’ll then be able to see what version of it is currently installed on your Windows 10 computer.

Tip #10 – Change Visual Effects Settings

Visual Effect Settings

The final way that you can optimize Windows 10 for gaming performance is by altering your current Visual Effects settings. It’s very easy to change your Visual Effects settings on Windows 10, and it can have a big impact on performance too.

The reason why you should do this is that your computer will be doing too much at one time. You want your computer to be dedicated to the game you’re playing. Windows 10, however, will be focused on what’s running in the background while you’re playing the game.

To get to the right area of Windows 10, you should press the Windows key and the letter I at the same time. You will now see a list of options, as well as a search box – you’ll want to type ‘Performance’ into this box. This will bring up another four or five options. The one that you want to click on is ‘Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows.’

This will open up a new box. You’ll see that Visual Effects are listed here. You’ll also see that there are four options for changing them. The first in the list is ‘Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer.’ To optimize Windows for gaming, you want to choose ‘Adjust for best performance’ instead.

Next to the Visual Effects tab at the top, you’ll see another one for Advanced. You want to click on that. Again there will be two options. These two options are related to how you want Windows 10 to adjust for performance. You want to select ‘Programs,’ not ‘Background Services.’


There are many small tweaks and fixes that a gaming enthusiast can do to optimize Windows 10 for better gaming performance.

For the most part, the things that get in the way of gaming are easily fixed, and to complete all the tips on this list, you’ll barely need fifteen minutes. Spending this short amount of time on turning off automatic updates for Windows 10 and your gaming client or altering the mouse, driver, and power settings can have a huge impact on the speed and fluidity with which you can play a Windows 10 game.

It’s always important for your computer performance that all your hardware, software, and drivers be up to date, and this’s especially true for game performance too.

Some things that can optimize Windows 10 for gaming are quite simple, such as turning off your notifications. How many times have you found a game interrupted because Windows wants to notify you of something that could certainly wait until a later time? Turn them off, and you’ll no longer be interrupted. And while you’re at it, make sure that Game Mode is switched on too.

And follow all the tips on this page, and you’ll have a quality experience gaming with Windows 10 in the future.