Logitech G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

logitech g513 reviewLogitech’s gaming branch has come up with a new solid equipment that serves your gaming and typing needs. It, however, offers a lot of options for consumers to choose from. Remember the Logitech G413 that was released almost a year ago for eighty-nine dollars($89), Logitech has seen it fit to create a new equipment that would offer more pleasant experiences to consumers.And well, they came up with the Logitech G513 which interestingly is the exact same replica of the Logitech G413 released earlier.

But there are some exceptions, call it upgrading or tweaking. Unlike the G413, it comes with RGB lighting, a new mechanical switch, a wrist rest, and a few other features which we’d get to shortly.

As mentioned above, the Logitech G413 is similar to the Logitech G513 in the sense that it offers an aircraft grade aluminum board with the keycaps raised. To some, it is by far a nice thing because it only does no look beautiful and aesthetic, it makes cleaning easier.

Everyone knows keyboards get dirty sometimes, well unless you stay in a vacuum cleaner(that’s a joke) So, keyboards get dirty. But with the raised keycaps, you could get the stuff out easily without having to work your fingers to the bone. The details will come in the design, so sit tight and enjoy. With this new edition, Logitech seems to be aiming to conquer the hearts of gamers.

Anything the Logitech G keyboard presents, you can be sure it would use the high-quality Romer-G mechanical switches and the Logitech Gaming Software. The Romer-G mechanical switches? However, these switches come now come in two different varieties: linear and tactile. Is the Logitech G513 worth the asking price? Well, you’re about to find out.


Eye-Catching Design of Logitech G513

It doesn’t matter if a keyboard uses opto-mechanical switches or Cherry MX or even Romer-G switches, what matters is the design. In essence, it doesn’t matter how responsive the keys are if the keyboard itself is designed poorly. So we can say design holds a high level in the eyes of the consumers.

logitech g513 carbon Mechanical Gaming KeyBoardLet me make this clear before we move on, I’m going to compare the features of the Logitech G513 and the G413 to make the review interesting and understanding.

Logitech G513 also like the G413 comes with a set of twelve(12) contoured keycaps – Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This comes along a keycap puller to swap them out easily and swiftly. The keycaps are not just there for fun, they offer a tactile signal on essential keys while gaming which allows players to reset the positioning of their left hand or find important hotkeys fast.

The Logitech G513 feels very similar to the previous edition, Logitech G413. The overall design sees no much changes. Several keyboards over the years have been crafted out of plastic, the Logitech G513 is an exception. It is made of a rigid plastic frame with a sheet of aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum for the top case. It makes the keyboard compact and sturdy.

However, it is heavy which is a plus. In a fit of gaming ecstasy, it cannot break easily on your knees or anywhere else like plastic crafted keyboards. The Logitech G513 has a frameless design and contains several floating/raised keycaps that makes cleaning easier. Speaking of which, comfort is associated with the G513.

When you flip the keyboard to the back, you’d find standard flip-out stands that raise the keyboard and prevents it from dancing around the top of your desk. You can also find two cable guides: the headset cable guide and the mouse cable guide. They are cutouts where you can route your mouse and headphone cables to avoid loose cords lying aimlessly around the desk.

The headset cable guide is down the middle of the board and this allows the cord to be run under it through the middle where the headset will be used. The other one looks like a U. It’s toward the back of the keyboard and it ensures the mouse slacks are in place. Apart from these, let’s say there isn’t much happening underneath the keyboard.

The Logitech G513 also included a single USB 2.0 pass-through port at the back for plugging in any USB powered devices. This could be used for a wireless receiver for your gaming mouse, or to charging mobile devices or plugging external drives. The USB port is a good thing but the tradeoff is that the keyboard has to take up two of the computer’s USB ports if you want to use it.

Alongside the function key row, the G513 has designated a set of keys as dedicated keys for turning on things like game modes and lighting. This means that you don’t have to have a Logitech Gaming Software installed to get some of those functionalities. You might as well enjoy the specific gaming keycaps that Logitech includes in the box to help you find the keys you need without first going into the home row mode.

Similar to the Logitech G413, the G513 provides LED-backlit keys. But this time, instead of the red or white, the company used RGB-backlit keys. Joining it with Logitech’s RGB mice and speakers and syncing them all up makes it look amazing when brought all together.

Talk about lighting, the Logitech G513 is fully customized with RGB-per-key lighting with 16.8million color combinations. You can also choose from a list of preset lighting effects and animations. And also create your own unique one within the Logitech Gaming Software.

The keyboard has key backlighting. It is the same high-quality backlighting that is common with Logitech. But the contrast between the plastic of the matter keys and the key lettering isn’t very high, so if you have lighting turned off, the lettering can be hard to see.

The Logitech G513 is a full-sized keyboard that has a numpad on the right side. But unlike some other gaming keyboards, it has no dedicated set of macro keys. The only thing left is to set the macros on the function lets through the Logitech Gaming Software which seems like a good compromise between having macro functionalities and the increased size that a set of dedicated macro keys would require.

In other words, Logitech repeated what was done to the G413 and mapped them onto F8 through F12. So it makes for an easy swap of the function keys to put the alt functions first. But as it is, this is a gaming keyboard and we need some of the function keys.

The Logitech G513 comes with a detachable wrist rest that offers an extremely comfortable gaming and typing experiences. It’s is relatively light and features the same headset guide in the same place underneath the rest. It supports the hand, feels durable and it doesn’t pick up a sweat as plastic rests do. This is a nice upgrade from Logitech to help give consumers nice experiences.


Logitech G13 Features

logitech g513 with romer-g

Logitech is known to create peripherals that run on the Logitech Gaming Software. As such, the Logitech G513 runs on the software. With this, you can adjust the RGB illumination, reprogrammed the row of function keys and create profiles to link with the games and program.

There as well as a shortcoming here as you can’t reprogram every key. This in turn relegates it in the face of some other models from competitors like the Roccat. But it is simple to use.

Excellent Performance of Logitech G13 with Romer-G

The Logitech G513 relies solely on the advanced design, with a fast 1ms report rate. As well, it uses two mechanical switches: the Romer-G tactile, or the Romer-G linear. The Romer-G tactile responds with a bump when pressed on and the Romer-G linear uses a smooth travel, with no noticeable actuation point.

According to Logitech, it says the new Romer-G linear delivers a quieter and a twenty-five percent(25%) faster keystrokes than the previous keyboards. Logitech Confirms that it develops a keys switch which is better than the Cherry MX Red switch. It does not only make gaming faster, the Romer-G linear switch is something we actually enjoy typing on.

The Romer-G linear switch feels firm but without introducing too much resistance. The nature of the underlying mechanism, each key press actuated evenly and comes to a nearly silent stop. We often feel that the Cherry MX Red offers so little resistance, the keys chatter and feel uneven when actuated.

The biggest difference between this and the previous one is the Romer-G key switch. Until now, the peripheral maker’s only proprietary key switch has been a tactile one.

The G513 is not a noisy mechanical keyboard. While each key does still feature the normal “clack” of a mechanical keyboard, it is quieter than other keyboards.

  • Logitech gaming software unlocks lots of potentials.
  • A sturdy and great design.
  • Sleek metal chassis
  • Great performance
  • The Romer-G linear switches provide typists with good experiences.
  • Comfortable wrist rest
  • It seems expensive for some people.
  • There are not enough features to justify upgrading from the G413.


Guru’s Verdict

The Logitech G513 is more of a step up model to its predecessor, the Logitech G413. They are almost the same except for some differences. It has a higher-end price which gives consumers to pause and check other products. Whereas its predecessor was a well-equipped budget-friendly gaming keyboard.

With Logitech Romer-G linear switches, we can’t imagine going back to using the Cherry MX Red keyboard. Despite the lack of dedicated shortcuts and USB pass-through, the quality and feel associated with the Logitech G513 makes it worth its market price.




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