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If you are looking for a gaming laptop under $800 options chances are you will stumble upon many options. At this price, you will behold more than one gaming laptop with different features, specifications, and performance.

The gaming laptop introduced by MSI encompasses performance, specs, good-looking and sturdy built into one chassis. The laptop in the form of MSI GF63 Thin 9RCX is going to fill the bill at a reasonable price and going to cater to a variety of the game’s needs.

If you prefer a flashy looking machine and performance as well, do not pass the gaming laptop. This machine offers the best of both worlds; performance and looks without cutting corners.

The gaming laptop performs in the real world not just in paper, and you gotta behold it with your eyes on the head.

In this post we are going to have an insightful review of MSI GF63 introduced a budget gaming laptop, do not roam around, stick to the article and read this to the end.

Acer Nitro 5 Hardware Specifications 
Screen Size 15.6 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Processor 2.6 Intel Core i7
Hard Drive 512GB Flash Memory Solid State
Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Chipset Brand NVIDIA
Card Description Dedicated
Graphics Card Ram Size 4GB
Wireless Type 802.11a
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 4

Design & Construction

The core concept behind coming up with a light-weight model is to offer hard-core gamers an option that is thin enough to carry around without a second thought.

The laptop weighs 1.8KG weight, that makes it carrying around easier than a regular laptop. The slim chassis helps it to slip into a backpack easily without any trouble.

An ultra-lightweight does not mean you have to compromise on the looks. Being an MSI machine, the laptop gets a clean and classy design. The top of the lid is made of brushed metal aluminum that adds aesthetics to this machine.

On the lid, there is only a red MSI logo that adds appeal to the gamers. The clean, classy and fancy looking design is really a treat to the eyes, without spending arms and legs, you are going to get a top-notch looking machine.

The sides show some nice busywork with grips towards the front but real ones at the back. The vents are position to put heat out of the chassis, ensure smooth air-flow. The laptop integrates one USB Type-C port, three USB Type-A, an Ethernet port, and a microphone jack.

You can open the lid with one hand, minimum forced applied. With the lid opened, neatly laid Keyboard with red accents and well-spaced keys greets you.

The only sign of it being a gaming laptop is its red accents; the rest of the area around Keyboard is of brushed aluminum, sleek, neat and classy look.

A big and well-responsive smooth trackpads are something impressive, the display has thin bezels from the sides and big from the down. On the upper side of the display, a top sporting welcome welcomes you.

In a nutshell, MSI GF63 is a nicely designed gaming laptop, the blend of class and style is coming to offer you a smooth gaming experience without making a big dent on your pocket.


No doubt, the premium top-notch gaming laptops are adorned with an impressive screen with high-refresh rates, IPS panels, and other bells and whistles. When it comes to buying an affordable gaming laptop, you will have to give up some of the features in order to keep the price low.

The brand cuts the corner in refresh rates still provides a good display compare to others at the same price with a 15.6 inches Full HD display with a 60 Hz refresh rate.

The screen is very vibrant, renders clearer full of life images without skipping a single color. The screen might look ordinary on the papers, but in reality, it is impressive and provides a seamless gaming experience. Whether you watch movies, play games the display always produces vivid colors.

The laptop’s wide view angles are just on par. You get the right view of the screen from any angle without distorting the screen, images, or videos.

The anti-glare coating helps it to retain the display to the highest extent when exposed to the sun-light. The display would not be washed out, nor fade away, binge watch movies and enjoy the next Web series you are desired to watch this weekend.

Processor, RAM & Storage

The MSI GF63 gaming laptop comes with oozing powers within. The serious power helps you go through any amount of task without giving a second thought.

The laptop is a powerhouse and brings excellent performance due to its highly powerful Intel core i7 Intel Core i7 9750H CPU. The processor pairs with a 16GB RAM going to overthrow any level of processing and help you ease down with gaming.

The laptop would not sweat when you open two dozen tabs on chrome, watched a high-definition video on YouTube and open Microsoft excel at the same time. The gaming laptop ranks better than many at the same price bracket, even expensive than this.

I loved the storage section; it comes incorporated with a 512 GB SSD storage to help you store games you like. Having an extra-large storage section always help, you would be freely storing stuff without giving a second thought.

And, both the memory options come with expandable features. The RAM and storage option can be extended as per your pocket size. You can have RAM extended up to 64 GB and Storage with another 1TB HDD or SSD as per your liking.

Graphics & Gaming

The NVidia GeForce Gtx 1650 graphics card encompasses in the GF63 chassis lets you roll hands-on modern games at medium to high settings. The entire experience would be disrupted the time you try to switch to ultra-settings.

Your experience will be shaken the time you increase the graphics quality. The gaming laptop though designed to render 60 frame rates, at ultra settings comes a little more down and offers 23 frames to 30 frames which are abuse for a hard-core gamer.

This is what happens when I tried to play Shadow of Tomb Rider at the ultra settings. I tried to play Grand Theft Auto V, and frame rates were around 35 per second, the experience was smoother than I expected.

We tested this gaming laptop for dozens of other AAA titles, the results were revolving around the 30-40 fps with highest settings, no rendering or freezing happened though.

The laptop struggles at high frame rates but goes seamlessly at low to medium settings. The gain is, you can have it for low-end gaming, do not expect it an over-the-roof gaming performance from this slim looking GFI designed machine.

Heating & Temperature

The laptop stayed pretty cool when you get it on board for binge-watching HD movies even live to stream. The things get started when you take it on board for playing AAA titles.

During the video watching, the bottom of it crawls from 95-degree to the 99 degree, touchpad 77-degrees, keyboard 86-degrees.

With the time you switch for hard-core gaming, things start melting, your hands start feeling warm and the bottom even scorches up to 123-degrees which is quite disappointing.


The MSI designed GF63 comes with two bottom speakers. The bottom-firing speakers are not the most powerful ones, the sound produced is somewhat overloaded and voice distort when reaches to the maximum.

The speakers produce high audios, enough to fill up a small conference room. Still, the audio is not clearer, the base is not on par, in a sum-up, and we are quite disappointed with the speaker’s quality.

Battery Life

Gaming laptops more than often does not last long on the charge. The same goes for the MSI designed GF63. It stays awake as long as 3 hours and 30 minutes when you get on continuous WI-FI internet, browsing, watching movies.

The average runtime with hard-core gaming is around one hour or if you could extend it up to 2 hour and 30 minutes.

Guru’s Verdict

As I mentioned in my intro lines, if your search criteria are having a powerful yet fancy-looking gaming laptop, the machine checks the right box. And in the last lines as well, I am standing with my comments and call it a good grab under the price tag mentioned.

This is a reasonably priced gaming laptop, adorns a pretty impressive display, good graphics card, power CPU. The battery life is not that impressive, and there is enough room to improve it, the same goes for some other portions we mentioned above.

The design is the star of the show, hands-down feature, lures and captivates the eyes of most gamers and makes you purchase even if you are not come to. This can serve other arrays of jobs other than gaming, a hands-down option for college-goers, a seamless option as a business machine, and cannot gon wrong for a school-goer.


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