Razer Huntsman Elite Review Complete Guide [ 2018 ]

Razer Huntsman Elite Opto-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2018

razer huntsman elite review gaming rgbFour years ago, Razer created it’s own propriety switches instead of making use of the Cherry MX switches that are common scenes on keyboards nowadays. So Razer did a little bit of upgrading on these switches for a new series of gaming keyboard known as the Razer Huntsman & Razer Huntsman Elite.

The latest of this series is the Razer Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard, the most expensive gaming keyboard till date.  It competes for head to head with the K95 RGB Platinum mechanical gaming keyboard for the same cost. This might get people wondering, several questions popping into their minds:

Why did razer come out with such an expensive mechanical gaming keyboard???

If you think about it, the market is way too choked up at this point that makes it quite difficult to differentiate one keyboard from another unless you’re looking for a specific feature.

Razer is launching the Huntsman elite by focusing on three key areas and they are:

3 Key Features

  • Speed and Performance with the help of their newly designed Razer opto mechanical switch
  • The second being comfort and aesthetics
  • The last is being a little bit of flair with chroma RGB lighting.


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Amazing Design Review of Razer Huntsman Elite

We’re going to be reviewing the new razer huntsman elite gaming keyboard. So before you go over to the store to get one, it would be better to know beforehand what you want to spend such an exorbitant amount on. Part of what we’ll go over designs, the pros and cons, talk about the experiences garnered in its use.

The razer huntsman elite combines many of the popular design choices of razer’s last few keyboard lines and what is said to be their best keyboard yet. So while checking the razer Huntsman elite gaming keyboard, you’ll notice the difference between the standard huntsman keyboard and the latest elite.

The difference between them is that the standard Huntsman doesn’t come with dedicated media playback buttons and also a detachable wrist rest with the underglow.

But rest aside, it’s basically the same keyboard and it comes with the same brand new razer opto-mechanical switch. The difference in price is one hundred and fifty US dollars($150) versus two hundred($200)

Owing to the Razer’s company frameless design, the Huntsman elite is actually the smallest keyboard they’ve made. It is compact which means it doesn’t take much space on the desk. And it has a simpler design with a higher quality than the previous series of keyboards by the company.

The first thought anyone would get after unboxing it is that the keycap font is pretty. It is simple, nothing aggressive. And that should sum up the entire thought about the keyboard’s appearance as a whole.

The gaming keyboard really doesn’t look like a Razer keyboard. It is very modern looking, there are rounded edges now and there’s not even a Razer logo on the keyboard itself. It only appeared only on the wrist rest.

But hi, of course, once you plug it in, the lights start shining away and yes, it has a familiar Razer glow and there’s a new light strip around the entire keyboard.

One thing you would notice on the right-hand side of the keyboard is something that people have been asking for from Razer for years now but they’ve always excluded it.

It’s something that most people always look for in gaming keyboards. And finally, the Razer Huntsman elite has dedicated multimedia keys plus a new multimedia dial. But it doesn’t end their cos this volume wheel which encompasses several functions.
razer huntsman elite gaming keyboard reviewTalk about the media controls which houses three programmable circular keys to play, pause, rewind or fast forward music files, and a wheel or the ridged dial or multimedia dial which features a mute button in its center.

The volume wheel or dial is stationed at the top right side of the keyboard. The moment you start moving it, you will notice that the lighting in the inner ring turns to white and the intensity increases as the volume rises.

The Huntsman elite is not just said to be the best Razer gaming keyboard so far, it has several features other Razer keyboards lack. And the addition of the discrete media controls places it on a higher level than others.

The main point of attraction in the Huntsman elite is the opto mechanical switch. The technology behind this design is pretty interesting. If a cap is popped out of the Huntsman elite, you’ll see the mechanism.

It is a purple switch that is joined with a metal spring and a plastic cylinder at the back. The opto mechanical switch creates a great mechanical action for both gaming and typing alike.

It makes the Huntsman elite very fast and accurate unlike the typewriters or other mechanical keyboards that rely on the mechanical switch. So accurate typing and rapid key response are associated with the Huntsman elite.

Now before we move on, speaking of comfort, they do include a wrist rest for the elite version. It adds to the build quality of the keyboard making it feel solid and tactile.

It is a pretty soft cushion material that resembles leather and is deftly comfortable, so that’s a plus. It’s like a pillow for your wrist, and who doesn’t like that.

The wrist rest is amazing in a way that it makes both typing and gaming easy and extremely comfortable. It offers a plushy support for the hands.

It, however, increases the size of the keyboard but it could be detached. A magnetic connection makes the keyboard and the wrist rest stay connected, regardless of whether the Huntsman elite is propped up or flat.

There is, however, a strange feature with the wrist rest and that is the “underglow backlighting” Once the wrist rest is connected, there occurs a LED strip that runs through the underside of the wrist rest. The light also could be synced with the rest of the keyboard, giving it a flashy effect.

But the problem with it is that it doesn’t direct light to a place that is very easy to see. So you can’t actually see the “flashy effect”, well unless the room is dark.

Unfortunately, the wrist rest comes with a cost. To power it to work, it needs to be connected through a contact port which means that the Huntsman elite requires two different USB ports, a second connection. And a USB pass-through is missing which really affected the quality expected from a gaming keyboard worth so much dollars.

As well as the USB pass-through, the audio pass-through is missing, and the removal of the macro keys means no macros except from the reprogrammable media controls which are situated at the top right side of the keyboard and aren’t convenient for use while gaming or typing.

The standard Huntsman also featured the chroma lighting, but the Huntsman elite is more of a step up from other chroma trials. As stated earlier, the keyboard has lights that ran through all the unit and the wrist rest provided an underglow lighting; the flashy effect.

One thing I mentioned about the Huntsman elite, in the beginning, was aesthetics. The chroma lighting provides a pleasing effect particularly when you’re playing a game that supports chroma lighting synchronization software. The design strikingly beautiful and this expected from a two hundred dollars worth gaming keyboard.


Excellent Perofrmance Review of Razer Huntsman Elite

Razor is not the first peripheral brand to make an optical switch keyboard. But the opto-mechanical switch is much upgraded that it turns out to be unique and faster than others running on the optical switch. It moves with the speed of light estimated at one hundred and eighty-six thousand(186,000) miles per second.

One thing the Razer company successfully did was to model the mechanical aspects of their key switch after the best qualities of their competitors. In essence, they capitalized on their competitors’ best qualities and upgraded them to the peak. It includes the clock feedback of MX Cherry Blue and Razer Green switches, and also the 45g actuation force of MX Cherry Reds.

razer huntsman elite optical mechanical keyboard review

According to Razer, the opto-mechanical switch actuated thirty percent(30%) faster than a traditional mechanical switch. Instead of an optical switch, Razer opted for the mechanical click that works in relation with the optical sensor. This gives gamers a faster actuation and a satisfying gaming experience.

Talking about actuation, it is immediate and there occurs a noticeable difference when playing games like Starcraft, Overwatch, Doom, and so on. Here, The speed associated with the Huntsman Elite is unleashed.

While playing these games, a faster actuation makes the character’s movements a bit faster. You could move effortlessly, shoot, duck, lean or peek so swiftly you’d love the feeling.

Also, alongside a good gaming experience, typing on the keyboard feels good. The opto-mechanical combines optical switches and mechanical actuation to make the keys move swiftly and bounce back for another press. The reset distance is really short and this facilitates rapid key responses.

The keyboard makes it seem as if you’re typing twice as fast as you used to. Well, before getting a mastery of the keyboard, it could take a while. But after that, you go swiftly on the keyboard as fast as you can ever imagine. The opto-mechanical switch gives satisfying audible and tactile clicks which are sometimes omitted in even the fastest of keyboards.

Razer Huntsman Elite ReviewThe Huntsman Elite also is said to last through one hundred million(100,000,000) clicks. So that goes a long way to say it’s durable. This means Razer has double the number of clicks which was at fifty million(50,000,000).

  • Efficient mechanical actions for both typing and gaming.
  • Clean design with the excellent build quality
  • Chroma RGB lighting at its peak
  • Comfortable wrist rest
  • Configurable volume and discrete media keys
  • Easy to clean
  • No USB pass-through
  • Expensive
  • Requires two USB ports
  • No macros


Guru’s Verdict 

The Razer Huntsman Elite is currently the most expensive gaming keyboard alongside the K95 RGB Platinum. However, it has achieved a high point and gives users the best keyboard experience. Typing and gaming have never been so easy and full of joy.

The Razer Huntsman Elite is one of the first gaming keyboards to combine the use of the novel optical technology and multiple mechanical switches.

It is a fantastically quick keyboard that runs on opto-mechanical switches. The speed of light associated with the Huntsman elite because sending keyboard signals over a relatively short time. It has delivered the best typing experiences there is.

The optical system, as well as its own shortcomings as all the keys, produce their own laser. That makes a total of one hundred and four(104) individual beams of light on the Huntsman Elite. This process consumes a lot of energy and as well requires two USB ports every single time to work perfectly.

Razer happens to be the first to use for optical light sensors keyboards and it is obvious that the company has spent so much to bring such beauty as the Huntsman Elite into the market. And so far, it was worth it.

What do you say about this Razer’s product let us know in the comment below



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