Replace Your Laptop With Your Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphone as laptop

Replace Your Laptop With Your Smartphone or Tablet

Just a few years ago, the idea of using your smartphone as a laptop was laughable. The devices were too underpowered and had limited battery life to be able to handle any serious work. Laptops have been our go-to for decades because they offer the best experience when it comes to working on the go, but that may soon change with smartphones getting more powerful every year. Laptops are still necessary in some situations, but if you’re looking for something portable and lightweight, then this article is worth checking out!

The Advantage of Mobile Devices

Laptops offer the best experience when it comes to working on the go, but smartphones have been catching with each new generation of mobile processors. Chips like the Snapdragon 888 and Apple’s new mobile M1 processor make your phone more powerful than ever and can start to handle a lot of computer operations and some desktop bound applications.

While laptops naturally are still the best option with regards to mobile computing, they don’t always suit everyone’s needs. Laptops can be heavy to carry around all day long or too bulky a fit in your baggage when travelling. Your smartphone offers what amounts to a huge amount of flexibility with all day battery can can rival the functionality of day to day laptop use; so there are plenty of reasons why more people might want to consider smartphones as their go-to device when working on the go.

Laptops can also be a fairly summable investment depending on the type of work you need to do. Paired with the cost of a smartphone, which is an additional necessity in today’s world, the costs can add up. Opting for a solution like getting a more powerful smartphone that can replace your need for a laptop can help even save some money. If you’re just doing work that involves browsing the internet, accessing cloud data, or other simple tasks that don’t require a lot of computing power, a flagship smartphone can be a great option.

Android: Samsung Dex

The Samsung Galaxy S and Note series, for example, offer what is called Dex mode. Dex mode allows users to plug their phone screen or Laptop into a keyboard dock (which comes included with the purchase) so that it can be used as an actual laptop computer. Even simply plugging a Samsung phone into an external display allows it to be used as a computer and the phone screen can be used as a trackpad for mouse navigation similar to a laptop.

Samsung Dex as Laptop
Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S series is also a very viable option. Similar to but not as powerful as the iPad Pro, the experience on the larger screen for the tablet will be easier to work with. Pairing the Tab S with bluetooth accessories like a keyboard case also makes for a more complete experience similar to traditional laptops.

Application support on the Android app store allows you to achieve a similar level of productivity that you would find on a laptop. Notably the Microsoft Office Suite lets you do your word processing, spreadsheet making, presentation setup, and even note taking, all powered by your smartphone. Even basic photo and video editing is possible using smartphones. Using docking features like Dex also makes the experience a little easier to use since you can connect your keyboard and mouse to navigate through the system.

Apple: iPad Pro M1

The Apple iPad Pro features the M1 processor, a very powerful chip evident in the tablet’s performance. Offering a large beautiful screen and the power of a laptop in a very slim form factor, pairing the iPad Pro with a keyboard case and even a wireless mouse makes the experience nearly identical to a traditional laptop.

iPad Pro M1 as Laptop
iPhone: Not as Powerful, Yet

While the iPhone does not offer functionality like Samsung Dex, it still has access to the Apple app store allowing you to access that functionality just on a smaller screen. Paired with the likes of Apple TV and other screen casting methods can help with tasks like simple photo editing and productivity.

Similar to the Android app store, Apple’s app store offers a very similar suite of applications that can be used for business and even some professional level tasks. While not as feature complete as their desktop counterparts, apps like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Procreate allow those that work in creative careers to do their work with similar results.

Is Using a Smartphone a Good Fit For You?

It is possible to use your mobile device as a laptop, but there are many things you should consider before making the switch. Laptops naturally have larger screens and if you don’t have a mobile display that you can bring with you, Samsung Dex will not be as viable of an option. You’d also need the additional accessories to make the experience more usable overall.

Mobile tablets are much more all in one packages and their operating systems are a little more suited to a computer similar experience. This still requires an additional device beyond your phone but they can still be more budget oriented and much more space conscious, especially if the amount that you carry with you when travelling is limited.

Carefully evaluate your needs to help determine whether or not opting for a mobile device as your daily driver is a good option. Technology is progressing year over year and if you find that the work that you’re doing does not require high end hardware, consider using your smartphone as a daily driver. Using your phone can be cost effective, a huge space saver, and you still have most if not all the functionality you need. Learn more about laptops and other tech with Guru Verdict.

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