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Hi there, I’m Justin and I love all things tech! GuruVerdict.com is my personal project to share my love of electronics and technology with others.

I’ve been fascinated with computers from a young age and that fascination stayed with me all the way up through today. I still remember the time I built my first custom computer and accidentally used the entire tube of thermal paste that came with the cooler, I’ve come a long way since then. 

Amongst all the computers and electronics that have passed through my hands, I’ve many good and many bad choices when it came to my tech. Choosing something like a new laptop is a big investment and once you make your decision, you can’t really go back. A lot of the reviews you read on sites like Amazon or BestBuy represent a very small population of consumers that only either have really negative experiences or positive experiences that don’t necessarily reflect the actual long-term user experience.

The main goal of GuruVerdict is to inform and equip you with the knowledge you need to help you make an informed purchase, or unlock advanced functionality for your tech. You want anything you invest in from laptops to any general electronics you get to provide a great day to day experience for a long time. 

Justin - Guru Verdict

What We Do

All of the laptops, electronics, and guides on GuruVerdict are curated from the latest available tech and news to ensure that you always have access to the best value and information. A lot of people have a lot of different needs and everyone’s mileage may vary when it comes to any given laptop or electronic device. Whether you’re looking for a great laptop on a budget, the best laptop money can buy for your power user needs, or a guide to say wirelessly connect another display to your computer, I hope you can leave this site with some information that helps you in any way!

Want Your Tech on GuruVerdict?

I’m a huge advocate for new and experimental tech. If you have your own electronics or gadgets you’d like me to check out or if you come across something you think I should review, just let me know. I always believe that the next great leap in technology is just around the corner!

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