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If you’ve noticed your computer acting a little sluggish recently, then there’s a good chance that you’re running out of memory, and one good way of improving the efficiency of your PC or laptop is by increasing the amount of RAM that it holds. But how do you do this? We’re going to answer this question and other essential questions in this article.

How Do I Find The RAM Capacity of My Computer?

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Before you’re able to add to your RAM capacity, you need to work out just how much RAM you currently have, as well as the maximum capacity that your computer’s motherboard can hold. Fortunately, this is an easy process for both MAC and Windows users.

If you own a Windows-based computer, then the first step to determining how much RAM your computer holds is by typing ‘System Information’ into the Windows search box. Then click on the System Information app. This will load a new box that will tell you both pieces of information you require. Firstly, you should see in the list ‘Installed Physical Memory (RAM).’

This is the amount of RAM that’s currently installed on your computer. To find out how much more RAM you can install, you want to locate the System Model, which is also in this list. You should then find the relevant information for your model on your manufacturer’s website, which will tell you how much more RAM you can add to your motherboard.

If you’re a MAC user, then to check the memory capacity of your hard drive, you will need to go to the About This Mac page, which you can find on the Apple Menu. You should see an option that says More Info. Click on it and then click on Hardware Overview. You should see an option for Current Memory Information on this page. Then, you’ll see how much RAM you have.

What Is The Maximum Amount of RAM a Computer Can Have?

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A high-performing computer will usually have 8gb of RAM. This amount of memory will allow a computer to efficiently and effectively perform its duties. If, however, you currently have 8GB of Ram, and you think that you’d like to upgrade, then your next option is 16GB of RAM. If you have 16GB Ram, then you will be able to perform highly advanced tasks on your computer, such as virtualization based tasks. It’s possible to get more than 16GB of RAM; you may need to upgrade to a more advanced form of Windows, if you use it, and check that your operating system is capable of running this number of RAM for computer.

How Do I Add Ram To My Computer’s Operating System?

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You need to replace your RAM DIMM that’s fitted into your motherboard. This is the same if you’re a desktop or laptop user. You first need to find out where your RAM DIMM is on your motherboard. You also need to check what type of RAM is compatible with your motherboard. You’ll see on your motherboard that there are a certain number of slots available.

These slots are the number of RAM DIMM that you can install. Always make sure that your computer’s motherboard slots can accommodate the type of RAM DIMM that you purchase, otherwise it may harm your system. The process of replacing the RAM DIMM is quite simple.

Still, it differs from computer to computer, so it’s recommended that you use the information on your manufacturer’s website where you will find the right type of installation for your specific computer.

What Is RAM for a Computer and What Benefits Will I Get by Increasing It?

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RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It’s the quantity of short-term memory that your computer will be able to use. Your system constantly uses this form of memory for everything that it does. Everything that you do on your computer is dependent on this form of memory. And that means that if you want your system to run more quickly and effectively, then you want to increase the quantity of Random Access Memory that it has.

If you do increase the quantity of RAM, then you will firstly notice that your computer runs more smoothly and quickly with all the tasks that it performs. You will also be able to use software that was previously unavailable to you. People who use computers for technical work, such as graphic design, will benefit from an increase in RAM.

Video gamers also can find that their system works better with an increase in RAM. Generally, though, for most home users, the in-built level of RAM should be enough for tasks like browsing the internet.

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