Best Fps mouse

Do you really love playing FPS (First person shooter) games? The one thing you needed the most along with the sheer amount of skills and talent to play these games is fps mouse, not an ordinary but the best fps mouse.

I would say every genre of video games benefited the most with specialized gaming mice. You know better that FPS games heavily depend on the time you spent on reaction and how good your aim is.

If your mouse with a tiny movement does not run around the screen you consider changing it with the mentioned FPS gaming mice.

Having a quick, responsive and precise gaming mouse improves your performance rapidly and you gain more experience with it.

Today’s era’s games are more focused on speed and accuracy. Especially you might have been playing Fortnite, PUBG and CSGO games where not only having a good quality performance mouse is important but comfortable and smart.

If you have just rolled your hands on the video games, and have no experience regarding gaming mice, no need to worry, I will elaborate on each and everything as per a novice standard. But first, you have to identify one thing.

After researching many days and nights, readings hundreds of reviews, I have compiled a list of Top 10 best fps gaming mouse in 2021. Whether you are using a lightweight mouse for competitive gaming or heavy, claw gripper or fingertip griper, these are the best fps mouse you can find in the market that can help you to stand out in the massive crowd. So with further ado, Just have a glance at these gaming mice.

Best Fps Mouse Comparison Table

Best Fps Mouse for Gaming

1. Razer Viper Ultimate – Best Wireless Fps Mouse


Why avid gamers are inclined to using a wired mouse over their counterpart’s wireless gaming mice?

The sole reason for wired mouse being that superb performer is they do not halt connectivity issues and render stutter-free performance.

But now Razer has come up with something really amazing that integrates razer hyper speed technology to help users achieve lightning-fast speed without any connectivity or stuttering issues.

The Razer viper ultimate integrates optomechanical switches, a light-based mechanical switch that is used to receive the fastest information compare to ordinary switches. The gamers who are fond of using mechanical switches would love to have this latest keyboard onboard.

The hyper speed technology integration has helped the brand achieve the smoothest performance over their counterparts.

The tech uses a modern adaptive frequency that scans every millisecond and detects the tiniest hogging. This makes it achieve reliable, stable, smooth and error-free results as smooth as high-end wired mice.

The Razer and Pixart collaboration have equipped the mouse with a smart tracking that automatically calibrates to a new surface and offers smooth, consistent, and error-free results.

With time, competitive gaming is getting popularity. And due to this reason, the mouse has become one of the most important factors in performance.

Though, in casual typing, the difference between 80-120 grams got no importance. But in competitive gaming where reactions matter, weight plays a huge role.

The Razer viper ultimate weighs 74g, the best weight range to play games such as CS: Go and others. The lightweight model comes with symmetrically positioned buttons to make it fully ambidextrous.

The mouse featured a total of eight programmable buttons, all shares optomechanical switches to get enhanced reaction time and boosted speed. The buttons can be fully customized; one step ahead can further be assigned complex macro function to have the fastest reaction

The razer viper marries a new focus with an optical sensor to produce 16000 dpi sensitivity and Chroma RGB lighting with a 16.8 million color option.

Integration of Razer Hyper speed technology helps it to achieve latency-free wireless mouse status and remove all usual connection issues.

Moreover, it also sports a 70-hours battery time; with a charging dock, the charging becomes super convenient.

Razer Viper Wired

Razer viper ultimate comes at a price. Yes, it is an expensive FPS gaming mouse and costs arms and legs. If you cannot afford this much of price, the wired version can be a rescue for you.

The Razer Viper wired cost half of Razer Viper Ultimate and would make a great choice for a gamer. The wired version integrates all features that a wireless version comes equipped, so the performance would be on par. Checkout Razer Viper Wired

  • Lighting fast speed
  • smartest racking
  • Great battery life
  • Stutter-free performance
  • The combo of latest Hyper speed tech and optomechanical switches helps it in achieving
  • Expensive

2. Cooler Master MM710 – Lightest Fps Mouse


With time computer peripherals are getting compact and ultra-lightweight. If you are hunting down on the web to get an ultra-lightweight model in honeycomb design or ventilate shell.

The gaming mouse weighs just 53g, the lightest gaming mouse you ever come across. The honeycomb shell actually helps it to lower down the weight and make it more useful and accessible.

The Cooler Master MM710 takes some to get the addict to and once you are comfortable, make you a better gamer and feel more like an extension to your hand.

Yes, if you prefer a hefty mouse option that might not be an option for you. Like, I have seen many gamers feel comfortable with hefty models, so it is more a personal choice.

The mouse claims to be ambidextrous, and it falls right on its claim. Though some reviewers mentioned the gear is mostly towards right-handed, but the actual thing is, it takes time to get addicts too.

It shares a perfectly symmetrical shape, with two thumb buttons on the left, nothing on the right. As the mouse does not share any button on the left, it feels more like the ambidextrous claim is misleading.

The layout of it is pretty fine, makes an ideal option for small hands, its specs are 4.6 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches, so for larger hand people, it would be stuttering to get this on work.

The MM710 also adheres to Master Plus software. That helps you to update the firmware of your mouse and make it workable with your laptop or PC. Though some shared the software use a bad experience, and for them, it did not bring any good.

The MM710 integrates PixArt PMW 339 sensor inside a higher range to other competitive models or designs. With seven steps of DPI level, 400-16000 with 1200 the default setting, the mouse offers greater control, precision, and future-proofing.

The grip style covers the most users’ demand. It offers claw, palm and fingertip grip that covers almost all potential users’ grips. The mouse shares an ABS plastic construction; the good portion of the plastic is removed in lowering the weight down.

Under the shell, the Cooler Master MM710 shares three White PTFE feet to render a smooth, stutter-free glide on any surface.

Cooler Master MM711

With a price few notches up, you get hands-on Cooler Master Mm711 white gaming mouse. The mouse shares the same specs, dimensions, and functions, with just one thing different RGB accents with 60 grams weight.

If you love RGB accents, have hands-on MM711 and add leisure to your gaming life. Checkout Cooler Master MM711

  • Ergonomic mouse
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Superior gliding on any surface
  • The impressive performance of the optical sensor
  • Innovative ultra-weave cable that reduces the weight
  • Honeycomb shell design keeps the hand cool
  • Takes some time to get used to

3. Logitech G Pro Wireless


Without a single shadow of a doubt, Logitech G Pro is one of the top seeking wireless gaming mouse among the eSport athletes.

This mouse was designed after a brief correlation with several top professional gamers around the globe and maybe this was the reason uplifting this brand over the roof.

I can simply say it one of the well-optimized and best wireless fps mouse you can ever grab for your pro gaming needs.

If you had been using cheaper version G203, you might find Logitech G Pro identical in looks. It is a charismatic blend of Logitech Technology and beautiful design to produce smoothest gaming experience in the market.

The Logitech G Pro wireless is powered with the cutting edge hero sensor technology. You can have up to 16K DPI, using the hero sensor technology.

Above all, it has a metal spring button to produce reliable clicks performance with overall precision and eliminating misclicks.

Lightweight has been a major aspect in making an FPS gaming mouse the popular product. As lightweights make the speed and precision better and one can handle a lightweight mouse more easily.

Thus, Logitech G Pro has been instilled with light weights and because of its only 80 grams, an ideal grab for those who are looking for pure performance and good looks.

Because G Pro is made after many eSport professionals’ collaboration it can be used for both right hands and left-handers. This I would say, perhaps the best gaming mice for claw grippers, which is I presume the most popular grips in the eSport world.

Logitech G Pro helps you to sum up with the Logitech software and synchronize all the Logitech products to get a superb working pro gamer gaming mouse.

This comes with six programmable buttons, that you can customize as per your choice, needs, and experience. This even has customizable LED color, with zero filtering and superbly smooth acceleration to aim the fastest shot you ever have produced.

Logitech G Pro Wired

By the way if you are not a huge wireless gaming mouse for competitive games then the wired version is here with half price. Checkout Logitech G Pro

  • Immensely great pixel perfect accuracy
  • Ideal for the claw grippers
  • Can be used casually
  • Might be some larger hands find it small

4. Razer DeathAdder V2 – Revised


This is a superb offering from the razer, the best mouse for shooters with super comfortable controls and perfect fitting. The black matte finish helps it not to become greasy or slippery.

Razer DeathAdder V2 has been in the gaming mouse world for a fairly long time now and it has offered splendid performance in this gaming market. Razer claimed that a 10 million unit sold by them and its one the best gaming mouse offered by razer’s through many years.

And When it has been equipped with RGP lighting with new optical switches and focus plus sensor the gamers are more prone to spend the money on this product. The razer’s focus plus optical sensor is one of the best in the market better than Logitech has.

The new Razer DeathAdder V2 has onboard memory, now you can save your custom profile on it without any hiccup. The cable is also upgraded, now it’s more flexible and strong according to today’s standard.

The DeathAdder V2 has offered up to 20000 DPI, a really high standard. Frankly, the users genuinely use much lower DPI than this. For the people who have bigger hands find this mouse especially attractive.

The V2 has two buttons which can be nicely placed by your thumb while fast accessing. You can use two different DPI and switch from one DPI mode to the other. It’s not blended with lots of different buttons can be used for office work.

Razer DeathAdder V2 has 450 IPS and 99.4 percent resolution accuracy, meaning you will get your enemy down and would not be held back while trying to aim the difficult shots.

This razer mouse has offer eight different customizable buttons, and you can even customize the lights of this. DeathAdder Elite glides smoothly despite the surface you use, with zero hang-ups. This mouse is rated around 50 million lifespan clicks.

  • Superb cutting edge design
  • Immensely accurate
  • Grips on the scroll
  • Could be used on the desk for normal using
  • For big hands

5. Glorious Model O


Glorious PC is a name you might not hear the name before. The brand has just put their feet into the door of mice manufacturing. The company is established by avid gamers as a passion project to deliver good and affordable projects.

As the mouse is produced by fellow gamers, you will find it fits the needs of every gamer. Once you use this mouse, you would not feel like the product is designed by a new company. I have seen many brands pumping out mouse over mouse but none of them have come close the Glorious model O.

It is a typical wired gaming mouse, sharing a honeycomb casing, RG lighting, and impressive sensors range. The honeycomb shell structure helped it to get the lowest weight possible; 67g. The

The sensor range is pretty good; Pixart PMW-3360 with 12000 DPI with polling rate is 1000 Hz. The model O has finished with RGB strips; Two RGB strips and an RGB ring on the scroll wheel.

The ambidextrous medium-sized low-weight most is extremely used, the mouse is going to astound yours with its performance. The matte version weighs 67 grams with glossy version 68 grams.

That’s amazing to witness a glossy version of honeycomb shell mouse because very few brands have come up with a glossy version up till now. The sensor range of the mouse touches 3360 which is more than even an avid gamer would require.

The Omron switch in O model has made the made to garner lots of appreciation and positive words of mouth. The clicks are exactly what a gamer would look for from a top-notch gaming mouse. The mouse is consistent, smooth and snappy, with no outrageous amount of travel.

All in all, the model O designed by glorious is going to exceed your expectations. It is really hard to find a minus in this mouse. The build quality is astounding, the construction is impressive. Every feature of it exceeds the expectation, would not bother you while gaming.

Glorious Model O-

The glorious brand has another version of the same series; Glorious O minus. The model looks exactly the same but few differences.

The O minus is for right-handed people and shares 1120 x 63 x 36 mm dimensions. The weight of the O minus is little on the low side, 58g for a matte finish and 59g for a glossy finish. Checkout Glorious Model O-

  • Extremely lightweight model
  • Impressive build quality and construction
  • Super-flexible cable
  • A good replica of your hard-earned money
  • You can have a glossy as well as a matte finish
  • Flawless optical sensor
  • The lighting transition may need some attention

6. BenQ ZOWIE S2 – For Small Hands


BenQ Zowie is not a new name in the world of producing esports peripherals. The brand has been doing an impressive job in manufacturing gaming monitors. Its gaming mice are also taking a big share out of massive esports peripherals.

This BenQ Zowie S2 gaming mouse comes inherited features that make it a viable option for FPS players. The design of the mouse is futuristic.

Other than the stylish and cooling looking captivate design, the mouse shares a sturdy and solid construction. That makes it withstand the roughness and toughness of an avid gamer during the highly competitive gaming.

The star of the night feature of the mouse is its sensor range. It comes with a 3360 sensor which makes it feel and acts on the tiniest motion. Moreover, the addition of Huano Switches under the buttons makes it produce highly clicky noise.

The noise can be irritating for players who have been exposed to silent mice. Other than that, the buttons are highly responsive and offer smooth stutter-free results.

The side buttons share a standard size and look pretty nice, and does not feel like a reconsideration or afterthought. I do not claim the mouse showcases a modern or fancy look. It boasts a no-frill design, pretty minimalist.

I must say, the S2 mouse is something pretty well-featured that fits nicely in the right hands. The model is not a thing for left-handers, and they did not even tout it as.

The added magnificent of the mode is the fact that just plug it and get the game going. It would not require any drivers or firmware updating. So, esports lovers would adore the addition of this mouse in their armor.

  • Ergonomic fitting
  • Simple realistic design
  • The impressive response of primary buttons
  • Flawless sensors render smooth error-free precision and tracking
  • The coating is for dry handed people



Another honeycomb designed FPS gaming mouse is going to take up its share out of the esports world. The new entry in the existing and competitive mice segment is flooding the gaming world. It feels great in hands, render impressive gripping and make a stylish statement.

The XTRFY M4 comes in a plethora of color options. The cost of it falls around 60 dollars with black color and an extra five for the rest four.

The honeycomb shell is a good trend, and many avid gamers rave about it, still, there is no glossy version is available; in future, we are hopeful that the trend sets off and more fun color options would be there.

The hole punch gaming design weighs just 69 grams, not a lightest in the list, still ergonomic and fits in hands well. The radiant spill on the inside looks gorgeous, with front LED illumination the surface.

The cable is the weakest feature here, the sleeve is not flexible, and the cable performance is not on par with the whole.

The one thing that separates this FPS gaming mouse with the rest is its driverless approach. Just plug and play, no need to install software or update the firmware.

The mouse got the capabilities to cycle through eight DPI profiles, with the bottom right at the bottom. All dpi are color-coded, so you can have the desired profile onboard, as per your personal preference or requirements.

The scroll wheels of the mouse are outstanding and offer grippy texture and lots of controlled scrolling. With primary triggers crispy and fast, the side buttons are tactile with a soft ending. So, it is going to be a nice addition to your esports arson.

  • Tactile sound of primary clicks
  • Great scroll wheel with texture
  • PTFE smooth feet integration
  • Ergonomic fitting in hands
  • Impressive 3389 sensor range
  • The side grips are on the little slippery side
  • Weak cable

8. Logitech G502 Hero


Logitech G502 is one of the most used and best eSport gaming mice around the world. G502 with its new hero sensor is extremely accurate and excels in every aspect of a gaming mouse.

This gaming mouse has 16000 DPI and you can adjust the DPI to five different levels. This mouse is an official replacement of the top-selling gaming mouse 502 Proteus Core which was favored by the right-handers and claw gripper.

The design of this mouse could be said a low profile, still excels in every department of gaming mice. It more looks like its elder brother and still caters claw gripper and right-handers as I mentioned above.

The G502 gaming mouse is extremely customizable in every department. You can lower its weight; can adjust the settings as per your usage. You can set five different levels of DPI as per your use and can tune using the simple buttons.

You can simply put your most needed commands close to your hands using the 11 customizable buttons. For the claw-gripper and right-handers, this mouse should be one-stop shop as it has all of the FPS gaming features that one could desire.

It is very easy to customize and program even, user-friendly design, and even can set the colors as per your desire for the lighting conditions.

For people who want heavier mice under their hands this is one of the best choices for them. You can easily remove the extra weight up to five what comes within the package and can customize it to a heavy or light gaming mouse as per your desire

  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Five different DIP settings
  • RGB LED color configuration
  • Fully customizable weight
  • Steller performance
  • Customize your most used commands near to your hands
  • Right-handers only

9. Logitech G403


There is no doubt, the elder brother of the series has set the bar enough high to touch any of the product even from the same brand. Still, Logitech G403 has much more to offer a user and loaded with an abundance of options.

Either it is the number of thumb button on the side or the number of LED colors, this gaming mouse is more versatile than any other. After reaching this product, you would ask from yourself, do we really need another one.

The G403 has a comfortable grip, comfort, functional enough to cope with higher gaming needs for PC gamers. I personally felt inclined towards the wireless gaming mouse G403.

This is an extremely right-handed mouse; the design seems more identical to the DeathAdder. You might face some issue while using it in beginning, once you get used to it you will have a wonderful experience of playing loads of FPS games using it.

Logitech G403 runs Logitech gaming software, and you know the software better than anyone if you have been using it.

Using the software the user can alter the DPI from 200 to 16000, program buttons, link individual profile and even change the illumination color. The G403 is a full RGB mouse and can be sync even with the Logitech products.

The performance is beyond the approach, you need to roll the hands over this gaming mouse and explore different game such as Overwatch, PUBG and CSGO to check the functionality at its core.

You will have a smooth performance overall, the programmable buttons can make you quickly commanding the armies.

  • Ergonomical design with immersive quality
  • Great software experience
  • Imrproved hero sensor
  • Thumb button little bit odd

10. SteelSeries Rival 310 (PUBG Edition)


If you are a pro gamer and a big fan of PUBG then this one is for you. SteelSeries Rival 310 is one of the overlooked brands when it comes to the gaming mice world.

With SteelSeries Rival 310 the brand has done a fantastic job, either it is the look of the product, overall quality or the capabilities, this fulfills all the criteria of good gaming mice.

This mouse is Ergonomics, perfect for the right-handed people. On both sides of the mouse, this has a pair of a thumb buttons.

In the center, right behind the scroll wheel, there is a DPI adjuster, ideal location to be reached immediately for Ambidextrous.

The Rival 310 comes with a total of 6 programmable buttons, which one can customize as per the requirements, needs and personal preferences.

Inside SteelSeries Rival 310 there is a TrueMove3 optical sensor, which offers one to one tracking at 350 IPS. It is an estimate that this product brings forth at least 50 million clicks in lifespan.

It is powered with the silicon grip for extra comfort and avoid slippery surface. The comfort delivered by the brand is really appreciable.

Th Rival 310 produces up to 12000 DPI, in the shape what delivers the maximum heights of comfort and flexibility during the extended gaming hours.

  • RGB Lighting
  • Clean and simple look
  • PUBG lovers
  • The mouse is little wider for the small hands

What Specifications should I look for in an fps mouse?

Without a good gaming mouse, you cannot enjoy the gaming experience from the core. You want to be perfectly aimed, you want to shoot your enemy at the perfect timing, and want to stand out.

Grip and Size

For a first-person shooter gaming mouse, the precision and quickness matter a lot. Grip, price, illumination features are other important aspects to look into a good FPS mouse.

First of all, aside from the features and other stuff, you need to know how the mouse feels in your hand.

Regardless of the features, if a mouse does not fit right in your hand and you are not comfortable with the grip or thumb button, you will not be able to enjoy the game.


After grip and comfort, Precision comes next. In FPS games, it is the most critical thing that you could aim your target precisely and quickly even pick off foes reliability from several kilometers.


DPI (Dots per inches) is also an important aspect to look forward into gaming mice. It refers to the number of pixels screen cursor moves per inches of the movement of the mouse.

So, the higher the screen size, the higher the DPI you will have to achieve. Those with higher screen resolution need higher DPI centered gaming mice. I am not saying, the higher the better for DPI, but it matters of matching the DPI to your screen resolution size.


The sensitivity comes into the game when we talk about the DPI range. Though, it also belongs to the movement of the mouse to the movement of the cursor on the screen, but with a little difference.

DPI refers to the mouse’s hardware, the sensitivity is a software adjusted settings. High sensitivity users, who prefer the tiny movement of the mousse covering the entire screen, prefers high DPI.


The weight of a mouse matters a lot in FPS gaming. You can have a huge impact on this only feature while playing your favorite title.

Nowadays mice are coming with the adjustable weights, which makes you to fine-tune both the placement and extra material. You can have the product as per your requirement.

Do you really need an FPS gaming mouse?

First of all, if you are a casual gamer, and do not spend much of your time playing the latest AAA series video games, then you probably should not waste your time reading this.

For pro gamers or regular gamers, the FPS mice have much importance. And yes, for the normal day-to-day task you probably not required to purchase an FPS gaming mouse.

And you should not consider spending your hard-earned money on stuff which adds no value to your life. You can have good experience of your tasks with the normal mouse that you had been using before.

Difference b/w normal mouse and fps gaming mice

There is a difference between a normal mousse and an FPS gaming mouse. Though, for a normal user who uses to spend lots of time writing scripts, browsing and watching movies, it does not matter.

It is the use of what makes a mouse different…!

Like, if you are playing an FPS game, where you are required higher sensitivity precision and cursor smoothness, enough to gauge the speed of the game, you are required a gaming mouse.

A gaming mouse will have the capability, functionalities, and extra buttons to change the DPI settings. An average mouse will have the average cursor surface speed, less connectivity, and no customization.

Gaming mice will have super sensitivity; with a tiny movement of the mice, you will cover the whole screen distance. It would be customizable; you could lower the weight as per your usage. It will have higher DPI and Hotkey.

Gaming mice will have more programmable buttons, and you would set the buttons as per your use.

Optical sensor vs Laser sensor

A mouse is a translator between you and your computer. The mouse tells the computer to process the given commands and display as per the commands. You might have heard the technological difference between the mice. Like an optical sensor mouse or laser sensor mouse?

The difference between the both is not that much, both differences in the type of technology they use to track the movement of the mouse on the surface.

The optical mouse uses an LED light as a light source while the later use Laser for illumination. Both mice use CMOS sensors a little camera to make images of the surface the mice are moving on to determine the movement.

And when it comes to the features and capabilities both mice are offering there is a little difference. The laser mice can track more dots per inches thus has higher DPI, indirectly they are more sensitive.

Though the difference between the DPI they produce is not much, and an average user would not be able to find any. Still, professional gamers and graphic designers

will perceive the difference.

An optical mouse has a resolution about 3000 DPI while laser mice have a resolution of 6000 DPI.

Is DPI Important in a Gaming Mouse?

In plain English, DPI directly measures the sensitivity of your mouse. The higher the mouse’s dpi, the faster the Custom moves your screen. A higher dpi centered mouse detects and implements even the tiniest movement on the surface.

For gamers higher dpi meant a lot. They normally use a larger screen which needed higher dpi. Still, with the highest DPI settings, you face many issues. With just a tiny movement the cursor starts flying from one corner to the other and becomes uncontrollable.

But, in playing FPS shooting games, higher dpi settings can achieve you lot more. Like, if you are playing a first-person shooter game and want to kill your foes.

With just a tiny movement can make you aim at your target and kill it, while the low dpi settings will waste your time from moving one corner to the other and aiming.

Will an FPS specific mouse really give an edge over my opponents when gaming?

First-person shooting games are usually fast-paced. Either it is the CS: Go Overwatch, Call of duty or battlefield you have to meet the pace of the game to stand out.

As you always remain in the center of attention, and you prone to get hit by the enemies around, you need ultra-responsive, lightweight and durable gaming mice.

Yes, it creates a lot of difference. If you use an FPS gaming mouse while your opponent is using a normal use, definitely you will be faster than him. Your aim rate will be higher to your opponent, owing to quick action and using better cutting edge technology.

For example, if you both come face to face, your opponent using a normal mouse will surely spend more time than you aiming, while you with an FPS gaming mouse with a slight movement will aim at him and take him down.

How do you use your mouse? Claw Grip and Palm Grip or fingertip grip?

It totally depends upon your personal preference. There are three main types of holding a mouse

  1. Claw grip
  2. Palm Grip
  3. Finger grip

While the most used mouse gripping position is Palm grip. This grip type takes up to 50 percent of the total market and it comes naturally to the gamers.

By using this way of gripping the mouse you hold your hand to be resting position on the mouse with the most contact point and support.

In claw grip, you place your whole hand onto the mice. It makes a claw like a shape to control the subject on the screen. This grip usually used for fast filling and controlling the subject moving forward on the screen. This way of gripping the mouse is less popular than Palm grip.

The Tip grip is used to move the subject on the screen fast. In this type of grip, you make minimal contact between the hand and the mouse using the tip of the fingers.

So, it is totally upon you, what grip suits you the most.

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